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Neglecting to weather proof your Calgary home can end up costing you a lot of money if you don’t give it the TLC it needs. Nature’s elements can batter your home with wind, rain, snow, frost and pesky insects. Sure, it might cost a bit to keep your home well maintained and protected from the ravages of nature, but it’s an investment well spent.


Calgary Home Weatherproofing Tips 

Protecting your home from the weather is a 4 season job.

Examine your windows both inside and outside to ensure they are in tip top shape. If the caulking on the exterior is cracked or aged, then you should replace immediately. You can also add storm windows on the outside to get an extra layer of protection, or use plastic window seal or heavy curtains for the

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Keeping your Calgary home in tip top shape is relatively easy with some simple yearly maintenance tips. Regular maintenance is crucial as every home needs tender loving care. More importantly, by taking a little time and effort you can also save yourself a bunch of money and avoid expensive repair bills down the road.


 Here’s a simple season by season breakdown of some of the more important tips to keep your home well maintained, safe, and healthy.

 Spring Maintenance Tips

 In spring, when the snow is done, you want to take a good look both inside and outside to check for the ravages of winter. Additionally, you should;

  • Check your furnace and clean the filter or replace as necessary.
  • Look out for mould or dampness, and cracks in the
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If you’re a senior and finding your current home too big, or posing too much hassle to maintain, you might be considering a variety of alternative living situations. There are many options for seniors, but many of these choices involve renting. Renting is okay, but it’s money out of your pocket and not an investment. You worked hard for your money, so why not keep it working for you.


You could invest in a smaller home, but you run into those pesky upkeep and maintenance problems which you were hoping to avoid in the first place. If you’re not really interested in a retirement community and would like more independence, what other choices are out there?

How about considering investing your money into a condominium instead? The condo market is alive

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