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There are 2 types of mortgages that are available. If you're buying a new home you would be applying for what is called a 1st Mortgage. This the primary mortgage carried by all homeowners. The other type is called a 2nd mortgage and can be use for a variety of purposes. You can use it for debt consolidation or to purchase an additional property such as a second home or cottage for example. You may even use it to finance the educational costs of your children. You must own property to get a second mortgage.


One of the first things you need to do is to determine how much available money you will have to pay for the mortgage. This means you need to sit down and draw up a very detailed monthly budget. You will need to consider your rent (which can be

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If you’re thinking of selling your Calgary home, you can enhance the value of your home with certain types of home improvements. Some improvement may be necessary to make your house attractive enough for buyers to make them smile in appreciation. The best way to approach any renovation is to think from the perspective of the buyer, and not from the viewpoint of your own personal tastes. 


 The second most important thing to remember is to be practical and keep your home improvements in sync with the style of your house and neighbourhood. Some renovations will allow you to re-coup all or more of your investment while others are less profitable

 Top 8 Value Adding Home Improvements

1. Interior/Exterior Painting – Yup, nothing spruces up your home

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