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You've outgrown your home for one reason or another and are wondering whether you should be renovating or moving out altogether. If you're adding up the finances of both options, here are a few things to ponder.

Financially speaking it usually works out to be cheaper to renovate your home than to upgrade it once all of the fees have been taken into account. You will have to factor in higher mortgage payments, land transfer and legal costs on top of the move itself. When you look at the cost of the renovation only versus a new home purchase, it usually works out cheaper to renovate. This, however, also depends on the extent of the work involved, of course.

Cheaper isn't always better


While you may save some money by renovating, there are a lot of

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Have you ever walked into another person's home and have wished that your home could look just like theirs? Some people have a natural flair for decorating while others need to call in the pros for some assistance. If you're one of the latter here are some design tips for you that the pros use to make homes look stunning, homey and elegant.

1. Choose neutrals and whites

If your decorating flair isn't what it should be, stick to white and neutrals as a base for your decor. Once you start extending yourself into bright colors you'll more often than not just do yourself in. Neutral colors are safer to work with and you won't end up clashing colors together that make your room look like an eyesore.



Not all neutral colors are boring either. White,

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How much of your income is dedicated to keeping your house at the right temperature or running your appliances? As energy prices continue to go up you can expect even more of your hard earned money to go towards paying these bills. While some people haven't devoted a lot of time into looking at different ways to save energy costs, many are now sitting up and taking notice of the rising costs. Fortunately there is something you can do about it!



1. Cut down on drafts

A tube of caulking only costs about $10 and can work wonders on drafty doors and windows. Together with weather stripping and the right insulation you can cut down on at least 5% to 15% of your heating loss.


2. Remember your furnace filter!

This is one of the things that can

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