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More and more people are choosing to remodel their basements to add extra living space to the home. While some people are planning to turn their basements into a recreation space others are converting their basements into a home office or rental suite. No matter what your plans are for the basement, you need to make sure that all moisture problems have been solved first before starting any construction projects on it.


Moisture problems come about from a buildup of water, either from one source or from various ones. It can either be leaking in from the ground or condensing water vapor. If you do have any type of moisture problem in the basement the cause will have to be found and handled. In some cases the problem will be evident but in others you'll

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If you're looking for a mortgage as a self-employed individual here in Canada there's a mountain you're going to have to climb to get it. Self-employed mortgages don't come easy in this country for a variety of reasons that all boil down to 2 main issues for the lender.


1. Income from a small business is a lot harder for the mortgage lender to document than the income coming in from a base salary.

2. Most people that are self-employed can have waves and then lulls of money flowing in. This adds a certain risk for defaulting on the loan that many lenders don't want to touch. 

As a self-employed professional you are entitled to certain tax benefits that salaried employees cannot use. You can write-off certain business deductions such as mileage on

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If this is your first time putting a house up for sale you may not really know what to expect when it comes to showing it. While your real estate agent can explain what you should do to your home to get it looking its best, sometimes it helps to see the visualization on your own. One of the ways you can do this is to go visit a few open houses and see for yourself how the homes are being presented.


You’ll also get a feel of what you like about the homes and what turns you off. Take notes while you're walking around the house and if there's anyone else that's browsing through the open houses listen to their comments as well. You'll get a feel after walking through a couple of homes of what buyers are looking for. You may even get a few inexpensive

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Don't let the fall months get you down - work with them to your benefit. When you start bringing the autumn months indoors the warming colors can help you relax and unwind. Orange, brown, purple, green and red are some of the fall colors that will help to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home.

depositphotos_fall_leaves_424Put together a flower arrangement

A fall arrangement can bring some charm into your home. You can make your own by taking a hike along one of the many paths here in Calgary and collecting wildflowers, crisp autumn leaves, pine cones and cattails. If that seems like too much work you can also look for pre-made arrangements for sale featuring warm autumn colors.

Make your home smell just like fall

You can purchase aromatic candles that smell just

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depositphotos_advice_266When you're selling your Calgary house you may end up hearing a lot of different advice. Friends and neighbors are going to tell you all about their real estate escapades and give you some "helpful" advice. Sometimes these words of knowledge can conflict with the recommendations that your real estate agent is providing. When push comes to shove, however, your agent knows what's happening in the real estate market right now - especially in your part of town. When you hire a real estate agent you are taking him on to help you sell your house using his knowledge.

Below you'll find some of the advice that friends or family may be giving you about your home sale that you need to avoid. They can end up being costly mistakes and some of them can actually slow

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What do you think? Do you see your home as an investment or as an expense? If you're like most Canadians you view your home as an investment. According to a recent poll by Scotiabank, 77% of Canadians consider their home to be an investment.

depositphotos_invest_366There were a lot of other interesting statistics that came out of this poll as well. For example, it's surprising to see that in Alberta, 40% of the homeowners here are mortgage free. These numbers line right up with the Canadian statistics, which show that 40% of homeowners nationally don't carry a mortgage. In British Columbia this number goes up to 54%, in Ontario 47%, in Atlantic Canada 42% and it goes down in Québec with only 37% owning a home that doesn't carry a mortgage.

As well, according to this poll,

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The Importance of Listing Your Home on the MLSThe Calgary MLS® listings should be considered as your bread and butter when you are trying to sell a home. Between your real estate agent and these listings you'll be able to reach the public that is actually looking for a home to buy. It is the number one way to connect buyers to sellers and if you're not using this service you won't see a sale as quickly as you would if you were using it.

Thousands of people across the country and in Calgary are flocking to the Internet in order to browse through the homes on different websites. If you go to any real estate agent's site you'll see the MLS® listings there. It is the main advertising path that agents use to show people everything that's available.

Why You Need to List Your Home for a Quicker

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