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When it comes to decorating your Calgary condo for the Christmas season you're going to have to streamline your efforts to make sure that you don't create a cluttered feel. Decorating a condo for the holiday season is completely different from getting your house into the festive spirit. You have a lot less space to work with and too many decorations can be overkill.


Wreaths work wonderfully!

With so many wreaths available you'll have plenty of choice and can find one that will set off your condo and holiday spirit perfectly. These days there are a variety of styles available and you can even purchase colored ones that have a modern look to them.

Making use of your wall space when decorating your condo for Christmas makes a lot of sense. A couple of

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You're making a move to Calgary and have brought along your kids to be a part of the house hunting adventure. You have a lot of territory to cover within the next few days and a lot to get done before heading back home. You’re hoping that you'll be able to find the right Calgary home on this trip so that you don't have to return again to start a new search. The kids will need to be handled so that they go with the flow as best as possible and remain happy so that things can get accomplished.


Here are some of the do's and don'ts that you should follow when you're house hunting with your children.


Allow your children to be a part of things. The more they feel involved and a part of the process the smoother things will go for everybody. Ask them

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When you're out in the city looking at homes you’re going to see some beauties. Many of the homes that you'll be viewing will be staged to look their best and most will be immaculate. One of the most important things to have set just right in the home is an aesthetic appeal but you need to look past this and ask questions to make sure that you find a home that doesn't only look fantastic but is completely functional as well.

Ask about the plumbingdepositphotos_pipes_280_01

Ask if there are any leaking pipes or faucets that aren't working properly in the home. You should also find out when the last time a plumber was called in and the reason for his visit. If there are any types of major plumbing repairs that will need to be done this may drastically impact your decision to

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