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From subtle colours to bolder ones, it's time to recognize that spring has arrived here in Calgary and get on with some spring decorating. Even though the snow may still be flying and the highways and motorists are feeling the effects of the last winter storms, it is, after all, officially spring. Sooner or later the weather outside is going to catch up with the season change and you’ll want to be ready for it with a colourful home that's cheery and fun to enter.

It's easier than ever to inject some springtime décor colours into your rooms. You can make one room or the whole house come alive by adding a few simple accessories that won't break the bank but will create a whole new scene in the house.

Mix up your throw pillows

You can find lively

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As a landlord it is your responsibility to always look for the perfect tenant every time you rent out a unit. By looking and striving for perfection you'll have a much better chance of finding the right type of tenants for your building, even if they don't end up being perfect!depositphotos_tenant_260

Here are some of the things that you'll be looking for when you're searching for the perfect tenant:

1. Responsible for the monthly payments

Of course, this is a top priority. You need to find someone that has a good financial track record and will be able to keep up with the monthly payments on the unit without fail. The best way to find out if a person is responsible with their finances is to do a credit check on them first before asking them to sign the rental agreement.

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A lot of homebuyers feel that they are making a completely logical decision when deciding to purchase a new home but sometimes they don't even realize that emotion may be swaying their decision to a certain degree. Quite often there are smells, sounds and colors that are influencing the buying decision that the homeowner isn't even aware of.depositphotos_logic_and_emotion_313

In some cases a home that you're looking at may be reminding you of a home you have previously been in before. For example, the layout may be similar to the one that your childhood sweetheart used to live in and bring on a flood of fond emotions. In this type of scenario you'll be drawn towards the home for other than purely logical reasons.

It's long been known that emotions can sway a decision to purchase for

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