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If you are at all superstitious or have a belief in feng shui, you'll be looking for a condo unit that isn't situated close to the elevators. For those of you that aren't worried about the creation of energy or other types of mystical thoughts, you can go right ahead and purchase a condo that's as close to the elevators as you want!

Feng Shui and elevators

There's a lot of busy energy that's coming from the elevator at all times of the day and it isn't always pleasant. According to the theories of feng shui experts, the energy that comes from the elevator area can easily pass into your condo and negatively affect your space.

When it comes to stairs, this can also be a problem, but it will all depend on the floor you live on. For example, if you live on the…
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Shopping online? A new survey indicates that Canadians aren't shopping online as much as people that live in other countries. It's a surprising discovery with so many people in Canada using a mobile device and tending to be technologically advanced. performed the study that analyzed consumers' shopping habits in 11 countries. The shocking results showed that 22% of Canadian residents don't make their purchases online. This is a staggering number when you compare it to other countries like Britain and Germany where only 6% of the population never buy products on the Internet. Residents of the United States buy more on the Internet on average than Canadians do with only 12% never making an online purchase.

Where do Canadians look for the best
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Moving to a new area requires the discovery of all the right places that make you feel at home again. Sometimes, finding a great neighbourhood pub helps with this process. Some of the best choices in Calgary can make you feel right at home. Here are the top three neighbourhood pubs in Calgary.

Hop In Brew Pub

Located at 213 12 Avenue SW in Calgary, the Hop In Brew Pub is actually a big old house turned into a pub. This great neighourhood pub may not open until 4pm daily and 6pm on Saturdays, but they provide a home away from home for many. The staff is very friendly and many of the micro brews are found here. If you relocate to Calgary and the Hop In Brew Pub is close to your new home, this could easily become your new favourite nieghbourhood pub.

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If you're planning a move to Calgary or already live here and want to find out more about the neighborhood crime statistics, the Calgary Police Service offers a website that shows crime mapping. This service is offered to help keep members of the community involved in keeping the city safe for visitors and its citizens.

This is a web application that offers interactive tools so that residents can learn more about crime activity in their neighborhoods and can help them with problem-solving. You can search for data according to the type of crime that has been committed, when it was done or by the boundary of the community. The 12 crime categories to choose from include:

  • Vandalism
  • Assault
  • Arson
  • Sexual offenses
  • Robbery
  • 3 types of theft
  • 2 types of
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The SummersEND Music Festival is an event many look forward to every summer, but dread at the same time. This event marks the end of summer, which is sad, but it's also one of the premier music events of the year. It will be held over Labour Day Weekend from August 30th to August 31st.

The event kicks off with everybody wearing white at the BMO Center and will finish with everybody wearing neon. Wear white on Friday and join the other 7,000+ planning to attend. Accessories can be any colour, but the event team asks that you wear a white top, shirts, shorts and pants. On Saturday, the goal is to get everybody in the most outrageous colours possible. Wear your favourite neon clothing and make the day loud.

Many acts will take the stage during the

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The Calgary area of Alberta Canada is a great place to live and work. When it comes down to the things to do there, you'll have so many opportunities. Shopping and dining are both great choices, and you can find everything from chain stores to eclectic shops with unique items for your home. The dining choices are equally amazing, with local cuisine, chain restaurants, and exotic creations that you'll really love. If you're a foodie, you'll be able to get your fill of great places to explore there. Even if you're not focused on trying new cuisines, you can really enjoy what's offered in and around Calgary.

Buying a home there will allow you to get involved with community activities, too. There's hiking and biking, along with great parks and green spaces

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Alberta Canada is a beautiful place to call home. There are so many things to do there, and the beauty of nature will surround you, as well. The natural beauty is a big part of the area, which draws many people there every year. If you like to do activities outside, like hiking and biking, you can certainly do that in Canada during the warmer months. When the weather gets cold, you'll be able to enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and other activities that rely on the cold and the snow. That lets you stay active all year long.

When you want to live in Calgary, you have options. You can find a modestly priced home you'll really love, or you can get something that's highly upscale and full of elegance. With prices that rise up into the millions, you'll be able to

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ReggaeFest 2013 is making its way to Calgary and will run from the 14th to the 17th. Come out to enjoy Calgary's reggae music at its best and take in of the culture and beats that this event has to offer.
ReggaeFest is put on by the Calgary Reggae Festival Society every year and features local talent and music including other artists from international locations. This is a family event that brings residents of Calgary together to enjoy a taste of reggae music, artists, culture and food.

Tickets are now on sale at Safeway stores in the Calgary area or you can purchase them at Ticketweb online.

The main stage events take place on Friday and Saturday, August 16 and 17th, at Shaw Millennium Park. Kids of all ages, adults and seniors can all come and enjoy these

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It’s inevitable that as a landlord you or your management company will be receiving some calls from angry tenants that are complaining about other tenants in the building. This is all part of wearing a landlord hat and some of these calls can get extremely dramatic. Just like the Hatfields and the McCoys, there can be one set of tenants for or against another and at times these battles can get rather heated. How do you handle these calls and what is the best approach to take?

Don't get caught in the middle

The best thing you can do is find out if any laws are being broken. For example, if one of the tenants is playing loud music late at night, this should be handled by bylaw officers and not by the landlord himself. Beneath all the moaning and groaning…
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Downtown Calgary is very popular for shopping, entertainment and more. This area is full of fashion, luxury stores and plenty of unique boutiques. Whether you're searching for the latest trends or a luxury piece of jewelry, you can find it downtown.

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The only downtown shopping center in Calgary recently received a huge facelift. After millions of dollars were put into the center, it reopened with a glass atrium ceiling. It's found on 8th Avenue SW near 4th and 2nd streets. You can get to the center from the 3rd street C-Train Stating platform, as well.

Fashion Central

Found on 8 Avenue SW, the cultural district provides plenty of great stores, restaurants and bar. This high fashion area provides all the latest in clothing and accessories.

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