August 2013

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If you are at all superstitious or have a belief in feng shui, you'll be looking for a condo unit that isn't situated close to the elevators. For those of you that aren't worried about the creation of energy or other types of mystical thoughts, you can go right ahead and purchase a condo that's as close to the elevators as you want!

Feng Shui and elevators

There's a lot of busy energy that's coming from the elevator at all times of the day and it isn't always pleasant. According to the theories of feng shui experts, the energy that comes from the elevator area can easily pass into your condo and negatively affect your space.

When it comes to stairs, this can also be a problem, but it will all depend on the floor you live on. For example, if you live on the…
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A real estate agent needs to know how to price the home correctly so that it reflects the true market value of it, how to present the home so that it shows well and must also know how to negotiate the best deal for their clients that he represents. There is both a skill and an artform to negotiating that a good agent must possess in order to best represent the client.

No matter how well the home is presented, it won't mean a thing if the real estate agent that you choose is not skilled in the art of negotiation. When it comes time to negotiate on the price and other issues, this is when everything comes together as a whole. An agent that knows how to negotiate puts together all of the hard work that has been done up until this point and uses it as a type of…
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