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Calgary new condo sales have been increasing at a steady rate this year when compared to last year. This isn't a surprising increase, however, given that rental increases have also continued to climb especially after the summer flooding. It really doesn't make a lot of sense to continue renting an apartment in the city since it will cost you at least $1000 for a one-bedroom apartment that's not in the best of shape or located in the best part of town.

A new report by Altus Group shows that condominium sales for new units in the city have increased 11.5% when compared to the figures that were released in 2012. From January to September, there were 2,555 new condo units sold in Calgary. During the same time period last year, there were only 2,292 sales

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Recently, the Calgary Stampede announced they have acquired an incredibly rare pennant from 1919. This pennant depicts a cowboy on a bucking horse with a lasso and the worlds "Victory Calgary Stampede - 1919." Brian Freed is the one that actually found this piece at an auction in Calgary. After acquiring it, he contacted the Stampede Archives because he believed the pennant belonged at the museum.

This pennant was from the 1919 Stampede held at the Exhibition Grounds. The event was from August 25th to August 30th and was a way to celebrate the end of the Great War. It was inspired by the Peace Festival of England.

About the Stampede

Calgary Stampede - Photo Credit: Calgary Stampede is an event held to help preserve western heritage in the city. This is a volunteer-supported

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Vancouver architect, Michael Green, is just one of the many advocates of building skyscrapers that are made of wood instead of concrete and metal. Selling the idea can be quite difficult though since most people would be worried about the safety of building and might be afraid to live in such a high rise.

In Canada, the idea of building high rise wood buildings was not even considered as a possibility even 5 short years ago. The concept has been catching on in Australia and Europe though and Canadian architects are slowly starting to appreciate the benefits of building with wood.

In 2009 a 9-story apartment building made of wood made its debut and it only took an hour to sell all of the 29 units in it. In Sweden there is a 7-story building of wood and

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The Woodlands in Calgary is a very popular community full of single-family homes, condos and townhomes. This area is a great place for those relocating to the Calgary area and provides an excellent choice for families. With many outdoor recreational opportunities, such as the Fish Creek Provincial Park, this is a popular place year-round.

Development of the Woodlands started in the 1970s and was designed to protect the natural areas found around it. Residents can enjoy nearby golf courses including Buffalo Run Golf Course and Canyon Meadows Golf & Country Club. Hiking and walking is also available at the Glenmore reservoir and plenty of other activities are available throughout the Woodlands.

Several elementary schools serve the area including both

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According to the new figures that Statistics Canada has released, the construction industry in Alberta and Calgary remains steady and it's expected that in 2014 we will continue to see this trend. The number of building permits that are released serve as an indicator of the construction activity we’ll see in the upcoming future.

There was a rise of 5.2% in September in the number of building permits issued in Alberta when compared to August. The total amount of these building permits came to $1.43 billion in total. Of these permits, $954 million was designated to residential building. This was the second-highest recorded amount since June 2007 when $978 million was issued in permits.

There continues to be a demand for new housing in all real estate

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So far this year, the luxury real estate market in Calgary has set new records and it's a trend that is likely to continue for some time. There is a lot of disposable money here in the city and many high-end jobs that are extremely lucrative. In fact, Alberta has the highest weekly job income to be found in Canada.

On average, the weekly income for Alberta workers during the month of August was $1,118. This is much higher than the Canadian average that sits at approximately $900 weekly. The highest wages can be found in the gas and oil employment fields with an average weekly payout of approximately $2,075.

On the other end of the scale, the lowest income on average is found in the food and accommodation sector. Workers in Alberta earned an average of

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The cold started early this season and with it came a record-breaking demand for electricity. It's been a colder-than-average November in the province so peak levels for electricity have started early.

As things stand right now, the power grid in Alberta is not experiencing any type of supply concerns. As well, there aren't any price spikes expected. Record peaks were experienced on Wednesday at 6 PM.

On Wednesday, Calgary temperatures went all the way down to -14°C and it felt like -21°C with the wind chill. While record peaks are usually seen during the winter, this year winter started early.

On top of the colder weather, Alberta continues to see continued growth and this affects electricity consumption significantly. Growth increases of 14% in

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When it comes to your home, are you aware of the different types of mortgages and how long it will take to pay off a home loan? A BMO survey was recently conducted showing that many Canadians don't know the answers to these questions or understand the terms and concepts about mortgages.

The survey asked respondents which type of mortgage payments would pay off a home sooner; paying bimonthly, monthly or weekly mortgage payments. Approximately only half of those responding to the survey said that weekly payments would lead to home ownership faster. Making weekly payments is the fastest way to pay off a home if you can at all afford to make your payments this way.

It's important for home owners and anyone that is considering the purchase of a property

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There are so many different kinds of credit cards these days that it is so hard to keep track of them all. Many companies are offering their own card that gives you the chance to collect rewards points that can be used on services or products. Once you have collected a certain amount of points they can be redeemed for items including goods, services, travel and much more. This means that you’re really getting something for free simply by making the purchases that you would regularly make on a day to day basis.

The problem with rewards cards

When you can get free stuff just by using your card it seems too good to be true - and usually it is. Most rewards credit cards charge an incredibly high interest rate when you aren’t able to make a full monthly

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According to reports for the real estate industry from October 2013, three specific areas have really started to boom in Calgary. The entire city is 22% higher than it was this time last year, as well. Housing sales and the average price have risen the most in Airdrie, Cochrane and Okotoks.

These surrounding area provide a great place to call home near Calgary. With a smaller supply of affordable housing within the city, many new residents are turning to these areas. Many of these bedroom communities also provide larger and newer homes perfect for families moving to the area.


This area has seen a 14% increase in sales over the past year and it's growing every month. Affordability is the main reason new residents are settling in Airdrie. This

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