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The list of the Calgary athletes that will proudly represent Canada at the 2014 Winter Olympics has been released this week. In all, there will be 31 athletes from the Calgary area that will be competing at the Olympics that are scheduled to take place in Sochi, Russia in February.

This group of athletes will be led by the defending Olympic gold medal bobsled driver, Kaillie Humphries. She's also the defending World champion and World Cup champion in the event.

Canmore is proud to be sending Chanda Crawford as a cross-country skier that has also won a gold medal at the Olympics. In 2006, she brought home the gold in the women's sprint.

There is an all-Calgarian luge relay team that has been put together as well. If this team of athletes wins a

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There is a consultation company here in Calgary that will provide assessments to help you make your home greener and healthier. This company is called Healthy Homes Calgary and it is dedicated to helping homeowners make lasting and positive changes that are healthier and greener by providing the resources, tools and information needed.

You can schedule a consultation that will require 2 visits and during this time issues like water conservation, healthier cleaning products, sustainable choices in food, energy efficiency and waste reduction will be addressed.

The adviser that will visit your home will calculate the ecological footprint that your home is leaving on the planet. Your home will be assessed on a room-by-room basis to discover the key areas

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It's easy to find any old hamburger for under $5. Some fast-food joints will sell you one for $1 and it will even come with cheese. However, getting the best high-end burger in Calgary will cost more than a few bucks. How much would you pay for a high-end hamburger?

Many very delicious hamburgers can be found throughout the city in the $10 to $20 price range. Some may think $20 is a lot for a hamburger, but they've never been to Vagabond Brewery. This place has a hamburger for $100!

Putting down a c-note for a burger may seem crazy, but many Calgarians are doing it. The burger comes with all of the following:

  • One-pound of waigu beef
  • Imported Duck confit from Quebec
  • Foie gras (duck liver)
  • Heirloom tomato
  • Lettuce
  • Black truffle Cheese
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A proposal is pending that will make recycling programs in the City of Calgary mandatory for multi-family condos and townhomes. As it stands now, townhomes and condos in the city aren't eligible for the program using blue carts and must use private companies for recycling pickups. Implementing this private recycling has been done on a voluntary basis, which means that some complexes offer this service while others don't.

The proposal will make recycling pickups mandatory for all multi-housing units. Private companies will continue to supply the services, which may be a cheaper option than paying the city to do it. With the existing blue cart program, a homeowner has to pay almost $8 monthly to receive the service. Many private companies are offering the

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A new report that was issued by RE/MAX, called the Upper End Report, says that 2014 will be another strong year for the Calgary luxury home market. The report says that it's possible for records to be broken this year due to the mounting optimism in the city. Last year, there were 732 luxury homes changing hands in Calgary. A luxury home is a property that is worth at least $1 million.

The report took a look at 16 of the major Canadian cities and found that 75% of these luxury home markets saw an increase in sales on a year-over-year basis. The Greater Vancouver Area had the highest increase of 36% for luxury sales in 2013 followed close behind by Calgary with 34%. Other Canadian cities that followed on this list included Edmonton,

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SteakWith plenty of restaurants catering to all different types of crowds, those that enjoy dining out will love Calgary. The city is a foodies' paradise. Some of the best dishes in the city are of the steak variety. Here are a few of the best steak dishes you will find in Calgary.

Charcut Roast House - Spring Creek Butcher Steak

A very popular choice, this dish starts with tender sliced beef, which is topped with arugula, crispy potatoes and chimichurri sauce. It's known as one of the most unique choices on the menu at Charcut Roast House. You can enjoy this dish as 899 Centre Street South.

The Libertine - Steak Sandwich

Putting steak on a sandwich is simply genius. The Libertine provides an amazing steak sandwich with a flatiron steak served on

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There were 14 families in Calgary that were helped by the efforts of Habitat for Humanity during 2013. Through material donations and labour that was offered on a volunteer basis, 14 families were given new homes and a chance to get started with homeownership on the right foot.

Habitat for Humanity is helping families one at a time in order to help make social change possible. Right now, approximately 35,000 families in the southern Alberta area  live in housing conditions that don't meet their family needs, have to pay rent that is in excess of 30% of their total household income before taxes or reside in a living environment that could be considered unsafe.

Habitat for Humanity is offering an information session where you can find out more about

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ConcertMany of the biggest names in music make their way through Calgary during the Canadian leg of their tour. With so many great acts performing every year, it can be hard to choose the right one for your enjoyment. Here are some of the upcoming concerts for 2014.

Florida Georgia Line - April 16th

Performing at the Scotiabank Saddledome, one of the hottest country acts will come to Calgary. They will be accompanied by the Chris Lane Band and tickets are currently on sale.

Black Sabbath - April 20th

Performing some of their globally known hits, Black Sabbath will make their way to the Scotiabank Saddledome in April.

Ellie Goulding - April 26th

The University of Calgary will host Ellie Goulding Saturday, April 26th at 7pm. Tickets are currently on

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During the next two years Alberta is going to be leading the economic growth for Canada according to a new report by TD Economics. The report also states that oil production, along with the ongoing reconstruction projects that are occurring as a result of the 2013 flooding, is helping the economy grow.

It's expected that the annual growth of GDP in the province will be 3.3% in 2014 and in 2015 it's expected to be 2.8%. The predicted overall growth for Canada is 2.3% for 2014 and 2.4% for 2015.

Alberta continues to see a lot of migration into the province, has an affluent labour market and offers higher incomes to workers. The economy continues to roar in this province and it is expected to be the Canadian leader for the next two years at least.


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Although living in the city has become quite popular and many people are looking for inner-city housing, there are still a lot of individuals that are drawn towards the country and the lifestyle it provides. If you have a family, there are a lot of benefits associated with country life including getting back to nature and distancing your children from modern technology.


There's something to be said about looking up into the sky at night and seeing the beautiful clear stars that you just can't see when you live in the city. There's a smell to the night air too that's different in the country. Maybe it's the smell of nature and freedom combined.

When you expose your children to nature, they can appreciate the real world around them. While modern

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