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Can a programmable thermostat save you money? Yes it can. If you are still working with the older type of thermostat in your home, making the switch over to a programmable one can actually save you hundreds of dollars per year. It's a wise investment to make and one that can make your home a little greener.

On average, a family will spend $2,200 per year to keep their residence warm in the winter and cool in the summer. By installing a thermostat that can be digitally programmed, the savings can run as high as $300 - $400 yearly. This equates to thousands of dollars over the life span of the thermostat.

They are easier to work with too. You can preset the unit to the temperature you'd like to have in your home when you're sleeping, at work or at home.

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Today is Earth Day and celebrations are taking place across the city today and during the week. It's a day to recognize the earth and to appreciate everything that it gives to us. It's also the perfect chance to learn more about the environment and how we can give back to it. Here are some of the events taking place this evening and this week to mark Earth Day in Calgary.

Understanding Organics and Biodynamic

This event takes place from 7:00 PM until 9 PM this evening at Willow Park Wines and Spirits. Topics will include biodynamic and organic winemaking, the rules and laws governing organic wines and how to read an organic label. You also have the chance to taste organic wines that come from different places around the world.

Earth Day Run and

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Found to the north of Bow River and downtown, West Hillhurst is a vibrant community found within Calgary. It's close to Kensington Village, which is very trendy and one of the most popular places for working, living, shopping and playing. This dynamic neighbourhood provides more than just a great location within the city, however.


The area is full of great places for indoor and outdoor recreation. Runners, bikers and those enjoying the outdoors will love West Hillhurst. It's home to the Bow River path system, which provides plenty of area for runners and bikers to enjoy the outdoors. Of course, this pathway system also works well for those looking to enjoy a beautiful outdoor walk.

Along with the pathway system, West Hillhurst is home to

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Before you get started on your gardening for the season it's important to find out the last date of frost that is forecasted for your area. In Calgary, May 23 is the allotted date. This gives you an idea of when the growing season begins.

There are many vegetables that can withstand cold better than others but you should always be on your guard at the beginning of spring. A sudden drop in the temperature can wipe out your veggies in a snap. When you see that the forecasted lows are going to be colder than expected, have something available so that you can cover the crops for the evening. Frost blankets or even old sheets or newspaper can be effective for the job.

Here are some of the cool season veggies that you may want to consider planting soon:

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    If you're searching for a neighbourhood with plenty of amenities and recreation, Canyon Meadows is a great choice. This is one of the SW Calgary neighbourhoods and provides plenty for the entire family.

    Outdoor recreation is found at the Fish Creek Provincial Park, along with many other areas. This is one of the largest urban parks found in North America. It's over three times as large as the Vancouver Stanley Park and has over 80 kilometres of paved and unpaved paths. The Bow Valley Ranch is another large recreation facility and provides picnic tables, cooking shelters, fire pits and more. This facility is home to an amphitheatre and a playground, as well. Residents also enjoy Lake Sikome for boating and swimming.

    Along with the parks and lakes,

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    Spring cleaning time is nearly here and many will be looking for a place to drop off items they no longer need. Sometimes you need to be able to donate an older fridge or stove because of a remodel or just a replacement. Here are a few of the places you can take some of your larger household items.

    Donate Computers

    If you need to get rid of a computer or any other electronic device, the Electronic Recycling Association is the place for you. ERA is located at 1301 34 Avenue SE and they will use the items to help charities and non-profits. They even have a hard drive shredder to ensure your safety.

    Donate Bikes

    The Good Life Community Bike Shop will be happy to take any bikes or bike accessories off your hands. When you're cleaning out the garage

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    CleaningStarting your spring cleaning is a very important thing. It's a sign of warmer weather arriving and it usually means it's time to purge some of the garbage you don't need anymore. Here are a few tips to get you started with this year's round of spring cleaning.

    Start with Smaller Projects

    Since the weather isn't exactly warm yet, you can start inside the house with smaller projects. Tackle the closets and other storage areas first. This will allow you to go through some of the items you may not need anymore and get something done before the weather turns warm enough to handle other tasks.

    Don't Forget the Ceilings

    Often, we forget to clean the ceilings because they are above us and out of our way. However, they attract plenty of dust and dirt.

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