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It's an event that many never miss! It's the Calgary Stampede Pub Crawl and this year it's taking place on July 5, 2014. It's a day when thousands of excited people will travel on hundreds of buses to check out the bars and pubs in the area.

This event has been publicized on Global News, CBC National News and City TV. The Bust Loose! Party Patrol hosts the event and keeps the party rolling between the various venues. If you attend the event you’ll be traveling on party buses that feature mood lighting, stereo systems, tinted windows and reconfigured seating.

The exact itinerary is kept a secret until the event date but all of the venues are listed. You won't be told which bar will be the last on your journey so that you won't have a chance to park

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JNBY recently opened in The Core. This new store is the perfect place for incredible style and plenty of items. JNBY has over 600 stores across the globe and is just starting to open stores in North America. They provide a contemporary, design driven line of clothing based out of Hangzhou, China.

This high fashion women's clothing store is quickly gaining popularity. They carry a number of apparel options, accessories and so much more. Women looking for clothing with a bit of edge will love shopping at JNBY.

Some of the options they provide include panel skirts, draping vests and many other interesting choices. The shop remixes their items regular and it's easy to find mix and match options perfect for your current wardrobe.

Along with the many

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Many people think of purchasing an air purifier for the winter months when the doors and windows are closed to keep in the heat. Then the spring arrives and the windows can be thrown open again to allow the fresh air to circulate. When summer arrives, however, the doors and windows are often shut again to keep the temperature cool inside. The air conditioner runs and the house once again is limited when it comes to its air quality.

An air purifier is great to have both during the winter and summer months. Nowadays, homes are built to reduce the air leakage that can creep through the doors and windows. As you cook and take showers the humidity level in the home rises. This encourages the growth of fungus, mold and mildew.

Any home needs to have solid

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Sales of luxury homes in the Calgary region increased during the first quarter of 2014 when compared to the sales reported during the first 3 months of 2013. According to the Calgary Real Estate Board, 173 homes worth more than $1 million changed hands from the beginning of the year until the end of March.

The statistics show an increase of 17%, which is quite a jump. Last year at the same time there were only 149 sales that took place. The luxury home market in Calgary remains very strong with residents and newcomers willing to purchase the high ticket homes. There is a lot of confidence in this area, and there has been for quite some time now.

People are ready to take the leap into the luxury market based on the optimism in Calgary and the

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Can a programmable thermostat save you money? Yes it can. If you are still working with the older type of thermostat in your home, making the switch over to a programmable one can actually save you hundreds of dollars per year. It's a wise investment to make and one that can make your home a little greener.

On average, a family will spend $2,200 per year to keep their residence warm in the winter and cool in the summer. By installing a thermostat that can be digitally programmed, the savings can run as high as $300 - $400 yearly. This equates to thousands of dollars over the life span of the thermostat.

They are easier to work with too. You can preset the unit to the temperature you'd like to have in your home when you're sleeping, at work or at home.

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The plans are getting exciting when it comes to the Currie Barracks project that will house 11,000 residents upon completion. The area will also include a retail core that is centrally located so that all of the residents will have easy walking access to it.

On April 14 this master plan was shown to people that attended an open house. More homes have been added and the projection is set at 11,000 home occupants at build out. The number of homes has gone up from 3,200 to 5,600. The forecasted 11,000 residents is about the same amount that is expected to live in the East Village when it is done.

There was a lot of excitement and enthusiasm at the open house showing that there is a lot of interest in this new project. Approximately 700 people attended

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Today is Earth Day and celebrations are taking place across the city today and during the week. It's a day to recognize the earth and to appreciate everything that it gives to us. It's also the perfect chance to learn more about the environment and how we can give back to it. Here are some of the events taking place this evening and this week to mark Earth Day in Calgary.

Understanding Organics and Biodynamic

This event takes place from 7:00 PM until 9 PM this evening at Willow Park Wines and Spirits. Topics will include biodynamic and organic winemaking, the rules and laws governing organic wines and how to read an organic label. You also have the chance to taste organic wines that come from different places around the world.

Earth Day Run and

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Spring SeasonThe winter has been a bit colder than most and the snow has come down like crazy. Record snowfall makes it hard to handle the long winter, but it's finally over, maybe. The city gets an average of about 15 centimetres of snow in April, but has seen more than triple that as the record. However, spring might have arrived. Here's how you can tell its spring.

You decide to put on shorts because you know the sun is out and the temperatures are in the positive double digits.

A plethora of shoes make their way into your car including sandals, winter boots and rain boots. This makes it easy to take advantage, if the weather is nice.

Longer Days

Another huge sign of spring is the longer days starting to make their way into each week. You may notice that

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Housing starts in the Calgary area are expected to go up significantly this year. While estimates vary from one organization to the next, all of the stats show an upward trend. This proves that Calgary has truly recovered from the slump that it was experiencing just a few short years ago.

From the years spanning 2009 up to 2011, there was only an average of 8,300 housing starts recorded. During the peak period of 2006, there were 17,046 starts. In the years prior to 2009, before the slump began, there were about 13,000 unit starts on average per year.

For 2014, it’s expected that 16,000 starts will be recorded this year according to TD Economics. The City of Calgary, however, is forecasting 12,800 starts while the Conference Board of Canada is

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The Calgary Board of Education has selected the design upgrade consultants for 5 school projects in the city. This brings the projects into the next phase, which is great news for parents and children in different parts of Calgary. The 5 projects include the following schools:

  • Harold W. Riley Elementary School
  • Bowness High School
  • Jack James High School
  • Christine Meikle School
  • Elbow Park School

The engineers and architects that will be overseeing these projects have been chosen according to the superintendent of facilities at the Calgary Board of Education, Frank Coppinger. He also states that the board is hoping to have the work started for the renovation projects and the replacement schools before year's end.

Elbow Park School was

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