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Not everyone has been provided with a natural green thumb. Many people struggle to keep the garden blooming and end up giving up as a result. This doesn't mean, however, that you can't have beautiful flowers around your home. You just need to lower your expectations and turn to potted plants instead.

You can liven up the curb appeal of your home by placing potted plants on your front porch. Hang them, place them on the stairs or arrange them on stools or tables on your porch. If you have a condo, you can liven up the balcony by doing the same thing.

Here are some tips to help you set up the plants and choose the ones that will look the best:

1. Look for lightweight containers that can be moved easily. This way, you can try putting them in different

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We all hear about the rules and advice given for fertilizing your lawn but do you really know why it is so important? Besides giving grass that green, lush look that you desperately want to see in a lawn, fertilization does much more. A lawn that is well-maintained also contributes to your local environment.

When you keep your lawn in good shape it helps to cool the atmosphere while reducing erosion. A healthy lawn serves as a system for water filtration and can better deal with any extreme weather conditions such as drought, heat and large amounts of rain.

A healthy lawn can actually keep the air around a home cooler by up to 8°C than the air around a property that is surrounded by hard surfaces. Your lawn can also remove and trap air pollutants

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We all know that the real estate market has plenty of ups and downs. It's not exactly stable, but right now in Calgary, the market is very hot. Some sellers are taking advantage of this by listing their home for sale and using specific tips to ensure it sells for a higher price and faster. Here are five of the seller's secrets you can use to ensure you get the most for your listed home.

Pricing Matters

With the help of an experience real estate agent, you can price your house to sell fast or for the right price. If you overprice your home, it could take forever to sell, while if you underprice it, you may regret the sale. Make sure you take advantage of the seller's market with the help of your real estate agent and the right listing price.


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For many avid gardeners in the Calgary area, the long weekend in May is considered to be the official start of the gardening season. The weather this year, however, has been atypical so you may want to put some of your projects on a temporary hold until the weather gets a bit warmer. On the other hand, there are still a lot of projects that can keep you busy with your gardening efforts right now.

Many perennials are starting to show up in gardens around the city. They are used to the colder temperatures so it's not as much of a problem planting them now. You should hold off on planting most of your annuals though since they may not be able to stand up to the cooler weather conditions at night. Some annuals that you can plant now, which are more

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Image Credit: the winter comes to a close and the snowboard goes in storage for a little while, it's time to start a few new activities. This may not be the top place in the world for the surfing, but there's still a surfing community found in Calgary. Many are transplants from beach communities, but others just love the idea of catching a way.

Calgarians are in luck because the first surfing style training studio has opened in the city. This is the first place for fitness with a surf style in all of Alberta. Programs are not just for surfers, but surfers will love them for sure.

If you're looking for an interesting way to stay in shape and you love the idea of surfing, Studio Revolution Fitness is the place for you. Owner Mallory Faul Chapman provides plenty

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EventsCalgary will have plenty of things for everybody to enjoy throughout the summer. Some of the top choices coming through the city will arrive later in May. Here are a few of the best upcoming events in Calgary.

Best of Michael Jackson - Thriller - May 16th and 17th

The Philharmonic Orchestra will present the King of Pop in Calgary this year. This musical performance will be one of the most popular of the month of May. Make sure you get your tickets and attend this great concert.

Calgary International Children's Festival - May 21st to 24th

If you want to bring the kids to an event they can love, you won't find a better choice. The Children's Festival provides all types of entertainment for the younger audiences. Sharon & Bram will be on hand, along

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DeckWith the weather starting to warm up and patio season right around the corner, you may be considering adding a deck to your property. When this is the case, there are plenty of decisions to make. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right wood and finish for your new deck.

The Wood Makes a Difference

There are a number of different types of wood used for decks. Choosing the right wood will make a difference. The best choices include:

  • Redwood - Naturally decay-resistant, doesn't split, doesn't warp and provides an easy type of wood to work with.
  • Cedar - Will resist most rot, insect infestations and moisture.
  • Exotic Wood - Some exotic choices are very durable, but they will be more expensive, too.
  • Douglas Fir - This very strong wood will
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