June 2014

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Green Calgary is a nonprofit charitable organization that offers a number of services and products to help Calgary become greener. There is a lot of research behind the products and services that they recommend and the proceeds from sales go to environmental programs in the local area.

Calgary green products

Green Calgary offers a number of different green products that have been selected carefully based on the following criteria:

  • Quality products that are proven to work well
  • Recyclable and reusable products
  • Products with no packaging or limited packaging
  • Manufactured ethically
  • Many products are sourced locally
  • Non-toxic and natural ingredients
  • High recycled post-consumer content

Aimed at reducing the environmental footprint you

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If you love carpeting, here are 3 different reasons why it's okay to lay down wall-to-wall carpeting. During recent years, carpeting has been put on the sidelines as more and more people opt for hardwood flooring. If you prefer to have carpeting under your toes, here are 3 reasons why it may fit into your lifestyle better than a hardwood floor.

A more cost-effective option

When you compare the cost of carpeting versus a hardwood floor, you'll be paying a lot less on average when you choose even a high-end carpet option. In most cases, it will only cost you about half to lay down carpeting than it would to put down a new hardwood floor.

To keep it as a cost-effective option, however, carpeting must be well-maintained throughout the years. It's

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GymnasticsEveryone knows the health benefits associated with any form of working out and gymnastics is certainly no exception. Unfortunately, most people over the age of 25 feel that they are "too old" to enjoy gymnastics. In fact, there are a lot of people who feel that gymnastics is something you are too old for after the age of 15. This is why you might find it a little mind-blowing to learn that gymnastic classes for adults are one of the more popular things to do in Calgary.

The Bad News

While it is ironic, it is with age that you develop a fear for throwing yourself in the air and over a metal bar. Running, jumping, and soaring through the sky is something that a child finds exciting. Adults, on the other hand, are just worried about getting hurt.


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Flat fee MLS is a product offered by real estate agents that does not conform to the traditional practice of services offered and payment received. The traditional practice in real estate constitutes the seller of a property entering into an agreement with the real estate brokerage for the provision of the following services;

• Assistance in setting the listing price. This typically entails the brokerage company hiring a property valuer if they do not have an in-house valuer who then approximates the monetary worth of the property.

• Marketing and advertising the property. Different brokerage firms will use different marketing strategies, but this could include advertising the property through billboards, newspapers and property journals.

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When you're first starting out with real estate investment, you may not know how to get started. Here's a brief overall guide that you can use if you're interested in adding property investment to your financial portfolio.

Figure out the finances first

Talk to your bank or your mortgage broker to find out how much you can responsibly and comfortably borrow for your investment. This is your first starting point. Forget about shopping around until you have a certain price in mind. Then you will be able to easily determine what types of properties you can afford.

Learn about positive cash flow

This is going to be the bread and butter basic data that you need to make your investment successful. Read everything you can about real estate investment

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It goes without saying that you’ll want to get a home inspection before the deal closes on your new place. In order to help you find the right home inspector, here are a few simple guidelines to follow.

Have a home inspector ready

While you are searching for a home you should also be looking for a home inspector. This way, if you find the home of your dreams, you'll already have an inspector in mind that you can call immediately.

Take a look at the credentials

There are home inspectors that have been doing their jobs for the last 30 years and then there are new inspectors that are just getting started in the industry. Try to locate an inspector that has a track record behind him. This way, you'll be better able to trust his findings and

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FleabaneIf you're considering starting a garden or adding a few plants to your current garden, it's a good idea to know which plants are best for the climate in your area. Calgary is great for specific types of plants, but not for others. Here are some of the top choices for your Calgary garden.


Very similar to a daisy, the Fleabane is easy to grow and very dependable. It's an annual, which works very well with many types of soil and even in rock gardens.

Jack Frost

This is one of the plants the Calgary Horticulture Society actually recommends. It's a plant that will bloom early in the season with blue flowers and provides heart-shaped leaves.

Coral Bells

If you're looking for a low maintenance perennial, the Coral Bells are a great choice.

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