July 2014

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Last year, the flood that hit Calgary was devastating and changed the real estate market in many of the hardest hit areas. In these areas, homes lost an average assessed value of $208,870 and this added up to a total of $405 million that was lost due to the devastating flood. As well, buyer confidence went down in these communities.

For many people, the prospect of living by the river is no longer as appealing as it may have been before June 2013. Some of the Calgary prospective buyers will not even consider moving into one of the communities that were hit hard by the flooding. Others will want to see proof that the flood situation won't reoccur. Every summer that passes by without a flood will help to raise consumer confidence in these areas.


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GroceryWith summer here you can expect more and more people to get out and enjoy the many restaurants in the Calgary area. And while that's all well and good, truth be told we will still be getting the bulk of our food from the grocery store. Yes, restaurants are great. But at the end of the day they are not a place you want to indulge in every single day, introducing the grocery store meal.

At some point you have to cook right? Well not necessarily. You see, these days there is a fine line between going out for dinner and going to the grocery store to pick up a meal. It seems as though the grocery store meal is on the rise. We all know about the convenience meals you will find in most grocery stores.

Generally speaking these meals are frozen and not very

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