November 2014

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While thousands of people across the country are worrying about what retirement holds in store for them, you can be one of the smart ones and start planning for it early. There is a lot to be said for foresight, and here is a great plan you might want to consider to line up your retirement.

Retirement plan

Would you like to know a way that you can earn a second income while planning for your retirement? Buy a second home that you know would be perfect for your retirement and start renting it out now. The extra money you make on rental fees can be put back into the mortgage so that by the time you retire it will be paid in full.

You can talk to your accountant to crunch the numbers and see what you come up with. A lot of this plan will be determined

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EventsCalgary residents have a lot to look forward to this November. The city is bringing fun to residents before the Christmas season in December. You can expect shopping, food and music this November. Here is a look at the events around Calgary.

Food Donation for Canadian Veterans - 1005 11 Street S.E.

This November you can make food donations for Canadian veterans in need. The cause is going on from the 1st till the 15th. They are accepting non-perishable food items to the Canadian Legacy Project’s 8th annual food drive. Giving back to those that have served the country is a must.

Barcelona Tavern

There’s a new restaurant in town opening in the middle of November. The Barcelona Tavern is a Spanish and Mediterranean restaurant on 8th Avenue. It’s

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