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Hillhurst United Church is a 100 year old church in Calgary. They recently designed to make some renovations to the church but first, a design competition was held for ideas. Submissions came in from around the world but the winner lives in Red Deer. The church used the competition to start the renovation or rebuild for their West Annex which will now be completed in three years. Here is a look at the renovations the church is undergoing.

Design Competition

The competition went global with ideas and submissions coming in around the world. There was a need to renovate the West Annex because it was built in the 60s and no longer offered enough space for the size of the congregation. Being a 100 year old church, it was time to start expanding and making

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If you have dreamed of owning your own hunting grounds, here are a few helpful suggestions to help you find the perfect land. There will be a few things that you’ll want to take into account including the type of game you’re hunting, the price factor and whether you want to share the expenses with other hunters or not.

You'll want to find the right hunting grounds that have a lot of the game that you want to hunt. It's best to do some reading up on the area and talk to other hunters in the immediate vicinity to make sure that the game you want will be available on the land. Yes, there are some stories of a hunter buying a piece of land near Calgary and then finding out too late that it didn't have the type of game wanted.

There are a few things you

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It’s not always easy to understand how Calgary home values are determined. There is, however, a criteria used by experts to arrive at the correct property value. Since these aspects dictate the value of your asset, it is important to know what they are.


The location of your property is a very important component that affects its real estate market value. For business assets, location is important because it determines the prospective income.  A busy location will raise the value. This also applies to residential properties. The closer your property is to a business area, the higher the value. If your home is situated in an affluent neighbourhood, its value generally increases.


The surrounding environment also plays a key role.

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EventsCalgary residents have a lot to look forward to this November. The city is bringing fun to residents before the Christmas season in December. You can expect shopping, food and music this November. Here is a look at the events around Calgary.

Food Donation for Canadian Veterans - 1005 11 Street S.E.

This November you can make food donations for Canadian veterans in need. The cause is going on from the 1st till the 15th. They are accepting non-perishable food items to the Canadian Legacy Project’s 8th annual food drive. Giving back to those that have served the country is a must.

Barcelona Tavern

There’s a new restaurant in town opening in the middle of November. The Barcelona Tavern is a Spanish and Mediterranean restaurant on 8th Avenue. It’s

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Welcome to our Calgary homes for sale website where you'll find all the information you need about relocating in and around the city. Calgary is a vibrant and growing urban centre that is setting the pace for home sales in the country. Whether you are looking for a condo, townhouse, a duplex, a single-family home or a luxury house, or selling one, you can look on this website or follow this blog for more information.

In the downtown core of Calgary you'll see new condo developments under construction and as you travel around the city you'll discover both new and older homes for sale. Whether you are looking for something new or want a heritage home that has its own story to tell, you can find it within the city limits.

If you prefer a small town

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