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Charbar is a new restaurant that has recently opened for individuals in Calgary to enjoy. If you think the name looks familiar, you are probably thinking of Charbar’s brother restaurant Charcut which is actually a meatier and much older establishment than Charbar.

At Charbar, there is a huge emphasis placed on cooking vegetables and seafood that the guests can enjoy. While there are a lot of carnivorous options for those who enjoy meat, meat is not the focal point of this new establishment.

Full Scale Restaurant in the Simmons Building

When the Simmons Building opened up the residents of the East Village neighbourhood (as well as the residents all over Calgary) could not contain their excitement. This is a building that features a very

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Located in Calgary’s Theatre Grand Junction, Workshop Kitchen + Culture is the perfect gathering place for pretty much everyone that is hungry, thirsty, and adventurous. Its culture is food, drink, and friends…the pursuit of life’s simplest pleasures. Workshop was named after the Theatre’s original “Workshop 14,” which was an amateur theatre company from 1959 to 1965.

The Food

The food, like the local culture, is creative and innovative. The Workshop chefs consider themselves part technician and part artisan. Your meal will be original and memorable. While many of the dishes on the menu seem familiar, when you dig deep you find something extra special about them.

On the lunch menu, polenta lasagna with garlic creamed kale, striploin steak

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Located on Mainstreet in Airdrie, Alberta is a fantastic eating establishment called EggsOasis. Operating hours are Monday through Sunday 6 am to 3 pm. Lunch specials are served Monday through Friday beginning at 11am.

Since opening the restaurant in Airdrie, EggsOasis has been chosen as the Silver and Bronze medallist winner for the Best Breakfast in the Reader’s Choice awards for City View. They are looking to be the Gold Medal winner in 2015 and are working extra hard to make it happen. They are dedicated to you, the customer so that you enjoy every bite of the dishes they prepare just for you.


Two perfectly poached eggs served on a fresh English muffin covered in hollandaise sauce is a favourite among diners at EggsOasis.  Don’t

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Few events are a bigger deal in the Western portion of Canada than the Calgary Highland Games. What started back in 1913 has exploded into one of the oldest and biggest gatherings in the North America. This is an event that gives you an opportunity to embrace, explore, and celebrate any Scottish heritage you might have. If you don’t have a Scottish background, it can still be a great opportunity to learn something new.

What Activities Will There Be?

You might be asking yourself – what kind of activities do you have to look forward to if you come to this event? Some of the activities include:

  • Stock Dog Demonstrations
  • A Viking Battle
  • A Children’s Activity and Play Area
  • A Tug O’ War Competition

The above activities are

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