January 2017

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From mini-tykes to ladies’ leagues, the sport of lacrosse is alive and well in Calgary.  Lacrosse is a uniquely Canadian sport although it is growing in popularity in the U.S. with a strong college presence.  There are five runners and a goalie on each team.  Each runner has a stick with a basket at the end and play is advanced towards the goal as players pass a hard ball to each other.  Play is only stopped when a penalty is incurred, the ball is thrown out of bounds, when possession changes or a goal is scored.  When a team gets possession of the ball it has just 30 seconds in which to score a goal. The clock is reset after every shot on net while that team has possession.

There are two seasons of lacrosse actually.  Box lacrosse typically starts

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Fans of real live Christmas Trees are no doubt sad to hear that the City of Calgary will not be picking trees up for recycling this January.  This year, it’s up to you to drag your tree out to the nearest drop-off point.  Which is a shame because that tree was nice and fresh when you got it last month – now it’s dry and the needles are falling all over the place.  But you know, it’s worth it to turn your tree into mulch rather than putting it in the landfill. 

If you have previously had a leaf recycling area in your community, you may have been able to drop your real tree off at this location in years past.  This is not the case this year.  Leaf drop off locations are NOT set up to receive trees this year.

If you absolutely can not get your tree

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