December 2017

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What Buyers and Sellers Need to Know About Foundation DamageWhen it comes to buying or selling a home, most parties involved immediately think about amenities, curb appeal, current market conditions and neighbourhood demographics. However, it's what lies beneath that may matter the most, and that's the home's foundation. Whether homes feature poured concrete, frost-protected, raised foundations, permanent wood or insulated concrete form foundations, here are some common home foundation concerns that buyers and sellers face.

Spotting the Signs of Foundation Damage

There's a big difference between normal house settling and actual foundation damage. Wondering how to tell if a house has foundation problems? Here are some things to look for that could indicate that the foundation needs a closer look.

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    Should You Hire a Pro Or DIY?Owning your own property is one of the strongest symbols of independence which is why it doesn't seem like much of a stretch to handle the improvements to that property too. But some DIY projects really aren't advisable for the average handyman (and even sometimes for the advanced one.) It's time to look at the big picture of home repairs before jumping into a project that could eat up far more time and money than a homeowner ever could have anticipated.

    Physical Safety

    Before tallying up how much supplies will cost at the hardware store, homeowners first need to list out the safety hazards in their minds. All jobs are going to come with some degree of risk, but the odds rise and fall depending on the outcome the homeowner wants. From faulty

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