October 2018

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Calgary's Alberta Boot Company Produces and Retails Their Own Boots

The only western boot manufacturer in Alberta is celebrating its 40th anniversary, and today, Alberta Boot Company gives us a little peek at what goes into producing some of the finest boots in the country (hint: it involves more than 200 actions to produce each boot – and they turn out up to 4,000 pairs each year).

"We manufacture all our boots in the same building we retail them in. It's very rare to buy a product like this direct from the manufacturer," says Ben Gerwing, president.

He's also a fan of the "if it's not broken don't fix it" ideology, saying, "We were founded 40 years ago in 1978 and for the most part, all our production processes are exactly the same as they were on day one. This ensures the best quality and best fitting boot

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The Best Calgary Magazines

Where do you turn to for recent news, local eats, current events, and the latest interest points of Calgary? Online searches and social media re-caps can offer brief posts to fill you in on the popular headlines, but in order to truly capture the ‘behind-the-scenes,’ local Calgary magazines are the most valuable resource. Business, wedding, food, media, and community news are all presented to you through various local sources. Check out these top Calgary magazines that will ensure you are informed and up-to-date on your favourite Calgary topics.

Avenue Calgary Magazine

For a broad, in-depth look into the city's culture and events, Avenue Calgary Magazine is one of the top city lifestyle magazines available. The magazine offers insights on

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A Guide to Home LandscapingHaving a home landscaped is a great idea for a number of reasons. Whether the homeowner plans to live there and enjoy the look of their lawn and garden area, or they want to sell and make the home more attractive to buyers, landscaping can help. It's also an excellent way to keep property values higher, have a well-kept and nice looking home and yard, and provide the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. But what should homeowners really know about landscaping? Here are some things to consider.

Should Homeowners Do Their Own Landscaping?

Doing their own landscaping can mean saving a lot of money over hiring a professional and can improve curb appeal when selling a home. But that's not always a good reason to DIY a landscaping project. Having the

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Business Spotlight: Monki Bistro

Monki Bistro is not just a place to get the best brunch or dinner you've ever tasted. It's an experience that uses good food, great community, and an eclectic place to gather as it's vehicle.

"Its all about Monki business!" teases Aditya Dutta, the company's chief ideas officer. "We take traditional cuisines and put our Monki twist to it. We take a traditional bistro concept and make it edgy through Monki service and wicked music. When you walk through our door, you might feel like you are in a trendy chic bistro, but the next second, you might feel cozy and rustic."

Aditya credits treating the team the same way they treat the customers; placing a huge emphasis on food, service and ambience; and challenging the status quo of the food and beverage

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