November 2019

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Business Spotlight for Alberta Apparel

Alberta Apparel Showcases and Uplifts the Province

Clothing from Alberta Apparel

Alberta Apparel is made in Canada and designed and decorated right here in Alberta. This is clothing inspired by and designed for the active Albertan lifestyle.

"I saw that no one was producing a Made-in-Canada line of apparel to represent our beautiful province," explains President and founder, Thomas Mo. "I also wanted to start my own business and learn from the experiences of being an entrepreneur. I wanted our company to be an example of how to be local, source locally, and be ethical and sustainable, yet profitable too."

"I am determined to succeed," he continues, speaking to what sets his brand apart. "I have networked with many companies and individuals to learn from them, and to do

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Celebrating Remembrance Day in Calgary

Remembrance Day is a holiday where Canadians across the country will take the time to recognize and remember the men and women who gave their lives to protect our country. Originally called Armistice Day, Remembrance Day has always involved a moment of silence on November the 11th at the eleventh hour (11:00am) that marked the end of the first World War. It was in the year of 1931 that it was decided that November 11th would be a day dedicated to remembering.

For this upcoming holiday, whether you are honouring one of the fallen, remembering all that has happened, or taking a moment to give thanks for the peace our country has, there are a number of events for Remembrance Day in Calgary that you can join. Take a look at these upcoming events and

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Business Spotlight for Top Grass Cattle Co

Top Grass Cattle Co. leads the way with sustainable, ethical, grass-fed cattle.

Top Grass Cattle Co. ethically raises grass-fed cattle on the prairies just outside of Drumheller. The cows eat grass that is native to the area, and their cattle have plenty of space to roam freely under the bright blue sky. For Calvin Raessler, CEO and founder of Top Grass, launching this company was deeply personal.

"I wanted my life to have meaning and fulfillment," says Raessler. "I loved my ranch, loved working with my animals, and wanted to provide a product and/or service that was good for my family, friends, customers and future generations. We are raising our animals with the best care and respect that helps manage our land and environment to produce more

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