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When you're looking around for a new home one of your main considerations is going to be the size of the house. While there are a lot of different kinds of homes that are available in Calgary, we are going to take a look at 2 common ones to compare the sizes of each.

Single Family Detached Homes

A lot of the detached homes that have been designed for a single family in Calgary usually have 2 to 3 bedrooms and are commonly 1,200 to 1,700 ft.² in size. In most cases you'll be able to park in front of the house and you'll be able to sit back on your front porch and read the newspaper on warm summer evenings.

These detached homes often have a garage that is separate from the main house so you'll have to be prepared to walk outside to get to your

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What's happening with the weather in our city? Of course, we as Canadians know that we have to expect anything during winter but the weather has been especially brutal so far this winter. Now's a good time to take a look at the subject of frostbite and hypothermia since they are both commonly experienced when the weather gets cold, cold, cold!


When your body is exposed to cold weather it cannot produce as much heat as it is losing. After prolonged exposure, your body will eventually start to use its stored energy. This is hypothermia: a body temperature that is abnormally low. One of the dangers of having hypothermia is you may not know that you have it since you aren't able to think clearly once it starts. Some of the symptoms include

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Remembrance Day is a special day for the veterans here in Calgary and across Canada as they are recognized for their supreme selflessness. It's an important  day and one that is being celebrated across the city. Here are some of the locations of the events that will be occurring on November 11 as we remember what these veterans have given for their country.

10:45 am - The Military Museums

10:00 am - Jubilee Auditorium

10:45 am - CentralMemorial Park

10:30 am  Battalion Park
11:00 am - Field of Crosses
10:30 am - Aero Space Museum
10:40 am - Canadian Pacific Remembrance Day service -  7550 Ogdendale Rd. S.E.

10:45 a.m. - Hillhurst United Church

Remembrance Day won't be forgotten either in High River this year. The long-standing tradition of first…
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A number of city agencies will be doing their part this Halloween to make sure that all of the ghosts and goblins traveling the streets have a safe night. Patrols will be provided by the city for this Halloween program called Partners for Safety.

There will be more than 800 cars and vehicles patrolling the streets of Calgary tonight to keep Halloween safe. Organizations that are taking part in this program include the Calgary Fire Department and AHS Emergency Medical Services.

Here are some last-minute safety tips that the city is recommending:

  • Don't use shortcuts through private property, lanes or alleys
  • All treats should be checked by an adult
  • Wear reflective clothing that's light and bright
  • Don’t crisscross the roads - trick-or-treat
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With the upcoming election scheduled for October 21, the issues are becoming more heated. One of the top issues that is coming out of this election is the sprawl subsidy and whether it should be removed or not. It's a controversial topic and one that has led to a lot of heated debate.

According to Mayor Naheed Nenshi, Calgary taxpayers have to pay $4,800 for each house constructed in a new neighborhood. This translates into $33 million yearly, which is a rather large sum. During the last 10 years, before the current council came into power, a debt of $1.5 billion was created from this subsidy. It’s a debt then taxpayers will ultimately have to pay off in the future.

Mayor Nenshi wants to remove this subsidy and place the burden for covering this cost

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If so, you may be considering your options. Should you downsize into a condo or into a smaller home? It's a question that's on a lot of baby boomer's minds these days as they look at the advantages and disadvantages of both.

While it's often assumed that a person will automatically choose to downsize into a condo, many people that are of retirement age are looking for a smaller home instead. The transition from a bigger house to a smaller one can be a lot easier to take. You can still enjoy a home, a garage and tending to the garden while remaining active.

While it's a nice idea to downsize into a condo, not all retirees want to give up the benefits that come with home ownership. All of the maintenance issues that come with a home aren't seen as a bad

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As the interest rates begin to climb, people that are interested in buying a Calgary home will follow one of 2 routes. They may either decide to get right into the market as fast as possible before the interest rate rises further or they may jump back and put their home purchase on hold temporarily due to the increasing rates. According to a new report issued by TD Economics, this is the general reaction that can be expected once the interest rates start to move up.

How Mortgage Rates Fluctuate

This model by TD projects some interesting figures. For every percentage point that the interest rates go up, the listing sales also go up by 6 percentage points immediately. The rush is on for people that want to lock in their mortgages as fast as possible

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If you are at all superstitious or have a belief in feng shui, you'll be looking for a condo unit that isn't situated close to the elevators. For those of you that aren't worried about the creation of energy or other types of mystical thoughts, you can go right ahead and purchase a condo that's as close to the elevators as you want!

Feng Shui and elevators

There's a lot of busy energy that's coming from the elevator at all times of the day and it isn't always pleasant. According to the theories of feng shui experts, the energy that comes from the elevator area can easily pass into your condo and negatively affect your space.

Stairs and Foot Traffic

When it comes to stairs, this can also be a problem, but it will all depend on the floor you

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A real estate agent needs to know how to price the home correctly so that it reflects the true market value of it, how to present the home so that it shows well and must also know how to negotiate the best deal for their clients that he represents. There is both a skill and an artform to negotiating that a good agent must possess in order to best represent the client.

How A Bad Negotiator Can Affect Your Home Sale

No matter how well the home is presented, it won't mean a thing if the real estate agent that you choose is not skilled in the art of negotiation. When it comes time to negotiate on the price and other issues, this is when everything comes together as a whole. An agent that knows how to negotiate puts together all of the hard work that has

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While you are busy creating your beautiful garden you'll want to keep the ugly bugs away and let the mice know that they aren't welcome. Chemical pesticides should always be considered as a last resort especially when there are home remedies that you can use to keep the insects and small rodents at bay.

Composting suggestions when you're fighting bugs

If you already have a pest control problem you won't want to compost any leaves that may be diseased. Throw them right away to avoid spreading. Always make sure that your compost pile is covered up during the warmer months so that small critters don't get the idea to visit your backyard for their meals.

The old-fashioned way

If you haven't been hit by a barrage of insects and only see one or two making their way…
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