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Local Businesses Supporting Charity in CalgaryLocal Laundry is a clothing retail store that wants Calgary residents to be proud of where they come from, to share their stories with the community, and to join them in having a positive social impact on local charitable and non-profit organizations. Every month Local Laundry donates 10 per cent of its profits to causes chosen by its customers. Recently, the company has committed to only selling made-in-Canada clothing, to support the Canadian manufacturing market and its labour force.

With an agenda that is community focused, Local Laundry is experiencing success as both a retailer and as social engineers. Connor Curran, Chief Laundry Folder, explains, "Everyone has embraced us with open arms, including other small businesses, influencers,

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Business Spotlight: Village Ice Cream in Calgary

Something about Village Ice Cream's homemade goodness brings Calgarians the nostalgia and comfort of their very own childhood. Village Ice Cream opened its first location in 2012 with a darling atmosphere focused around the simplicity of hand crafted ice cream tied together in a modern woodland setting.

You are welcomed and enticed by the soft and warm smell of their waffle cones made fresh in-house at all three locations. Each location bringing it's own charm and character that connects the community with their diverse and fresh flavours. Included in their daily selection is a coconut milk option that caters to vegan or non-dairy friends and a lighter, cooler choice of sorbet. What we adore most, the 'date night' vibe no matter the company you're

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Remembrance Day is a special day for the veterans here in Calgary and across Canada as they are recognized for their supreme selflessness. It's an important  day and one that is being celebrated across the city. Here are some of the locations of the events that will be occurring on November 11 as we remember what these veterans have given for their country.

10:45 am - The Military Museums

10:00 am - Jubilee Auditorium

10:45 am - CentralMemorial Park

10:30 am  Battalion Park
11:00 am - Field of Crosses
10:30 am - Aero Space Museum
10:40 am - Canadian Pacific Remembrance Day service -  7550 Ogdendale Rd. S.E.

10:45 a.m. - Hillhurst United Church

Remembrance Day won't be forgotten either in High River this year. The long-standing tradition of first…
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What do you think? Do you see your home as an investment or as an expense? If you're like most Canadians you view your home as an investment. According to a recent poll by Scotiabank, 77% of Canadians consider their home to be an investment.

depositphotos_invest_366There were a lot of other interesting statistics that came out of this poll as well. For example, it's surprising to see that in Alberta, 40% of the homeowners here are mortgage free. These numbers line right up with the Canadian statistics, which show that 40% of homeowners nationally don't carry a mortgage. In British Columbia this number goes up to 54%, in Ontario 47%, in Atlantic Canada 42% and it goes down in Québec with only 37% owning a home that doesn't carry a mortgage.

As well, according to this

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The Importance of Listing Your Home on the MLSThe Calgary MLS® listings should be considered as your bread and butter when you are trying to sell a home. Between your real estate agent and these listings you'll be able to reach the public that is actually looking for a home to buy. It is the number one way to connect buyers to sellers and if you're not using this service you won't see a sale as quickly as you would if you were using it.

Thousands of people across the country and in Calgary are flocking to the Internet in order to browse through the homes on different websites. If you go to any real estate agent's site you'll see the MLS® listings there. It is the main advertising path that agents use to show people everything that's available.

Why You Need to List Your Home for a Quicker

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