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Business Spotlight for Intelligently Nourished in Calgary

Intelligently Nourished Serves Up Adventures in Vegan Desserts

Calgary's entrepreneurs are known for their ingenuity, as evidenced by Carol Pierce, owner of Intelligently Nourished. When she, like so many others, were laid off during the energy downturn, Pierce turned her baking talents into a business — but she didn't create just any bakeshop. She created a company that delivers vegan baking kits so Calgarians can eat healthfully while still indulging in sumptuous desserts.

"I am a professionally trained chef and spent several years working as a pastry chef for restaurants and hotels long before I began working in the energy industry. While I still use many of the skills learned during those years, my focus is on creating whole food,

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A real estate agent needs to know how to price the home correctly so that it reflects the true market value of it, how to present the home so that it shows well and must also know how to negotiate the best deal for their clients that he represents. There is both a skill and an artform to negotiating that a good agent must possess in order to best represent the client.

Understand How Negotiating Works

Negotiating a real estate deal requires understanding any problems that are going on with the property and what it is going to cost in order to solve the issues. Your real estate agent will work in your best interests to negotiate a deal that allows you to purchase a property for a fair market value. Know what you are willing to pay for the home you

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How to Avoid Mortgage DefaultThe market conditions have changed quite dramatically over the past twelve months. As a result, some homeowners may stumble upon financial hardships that make it difficult for them to pay their mortgage payments. Once your mortgage loan defaults, the chance of foreclosure increases.

If you or your spouse has lost employment and no longer make as much money, and you see meeting your mortgage payment obligations is going to be problematic, the first step is to take a deep breath. There are literally millions of people that face the same problem. You are not a bad person, so leave any feelings of guilt at the door. You do not have time for them. Instead, you need to focus on your options.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid default and keep your

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The best time to market a house is usually in the spring and fall. During this time, the number of houses up for sale increases significantly, giving consumers more variety and options. This leads to a fluctuation of prices and higher competition between the sellers.

In order for a buyer to access a good property or a seller to make a profitable sale, they both need to be strategically positioned. The listingsbenefit both the seller and the buyer to secure the best deal for them. This is a cooperative service that lists Calgary homes that are up for sale and is beneficial to both the potential buyer and the seller of a home.

How The Listings Helps Sellers

When you as a seller list your house the information can be accessed online by many real

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Where Are the Best Breweries in Calgary?

The famous beverage made from a combination of water, barley, hops, and yeast is one Canadians have come to crave and love!

There are infinite types and flavours available from around the globe, yet it is the experience of the drink that truly makes "beer good." In order to get "good beer," you do not need to travel to Germany or the beer capital of the world, Milwaukee. Instead, there are amazing local beers right here in Calgary! Finding unique and local brews is easy, as the city is fortunate to have had a surge of award-winning Calgary breweries popping up. Looking for a new brew? Take a look at these favoured Calgary breweries and see what they are doing to make your beer-drinking experience better!

Annex Ale Project

Home to a 10-barrel

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If this is your first time putting a house up for sale you may not really know what to expect when it comes to showing it. While your real estate agent can explain what you should do to your home to get it looking its best, sometimes it helps to see the visualization on your own. One of the ways you can do this is to go visit a few open houses and see for yourself how the homes are being presented.


Learn More About What You Like in a Home

You'll also get a feel of what you like about the homes and what turns you off. Take notes while you're walking around the house and if there's anyone else that's browsing through the open houses listen to their comments as well. You'll get a feel after walking through a couple of homes of what buyers are

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Should you attend a real estate seminar?Good question. You may have heard both good things and bad about Calgary real estate seminars. The truth is that there are some really good seminars presented from time to time and others that simply aren't worth your money. The trick is to find the good ones and ignore the bad./p>

How to find real estate seminars in Calgary that are worth attending

Who Is Running The Seminar?

Find out everything that you can about the person running the seminar. Look behind the advertisements that are promoting the real estate seminar and find out more about the person that will be presenting it. There are some smooth talkers that don't have a lot of statistics to back up what they are talking about. There are, on the other hand, a lot of great speakers that

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When you have a small studio condo you'll want to decorate it to make it seem as large as possible. Here are a few decorating tips that you can use to help bring out the space in the condo and to minimize the smaller aspects of it.


It is very easy to get so accustomed to the things you own that you don’t notice just how packed your place is. Dedicating a few hours to identifying items that you don’t truly use or enjoy allows you to free up more space and enhances the look of your home. Consider decluttering the following so you can make the most of your space and display the things you truly love.

Declutter your Space: 10 Easy Things to Get Rid Of

  • Outdated things you don’t wear
  • Shoes without a mate
  • Magazines you’ve
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If you don't like loud noise and hallway traffic or have a belief in feng shui, you'll be looking for a condo unit that isn't situated close to the elevators. For a number of reasons, buying a condo near an elevator can be damaging for your peace of mind in the home.

Feng Shui And Elevators

There's a lot of busy energy that's coming from the elevator at all times of the day and it isn't always pleasant. According to the theories of feng shui experts, the energy that comes from the elevator area can easily pass into your condo and negatively affect your space.

Stairs and Foot Traffic

When it comes to stairs, this can also be a problem, but it will all depend on the floor you live on. For example, if you live on the second floor of the

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Business Spotlight: California Closets

California Closets provides custom closets, organizers and home storage systems for any room in your home. It's a brand that general manager Jennifer Van Teeling is proud to be associated with.

"I loved that it was a recognizable brand with local ties," she says of her decision to join the company. "The Alberta business is locally owned and operated, and most of our products are sourced in Calgary, in Alberta, or in Canada. There was so much opportunity and there still is. The business has grown so much in the nearly 15 years I have been a part of it. Even back then I could see the possibilities. It started off as a small business with a handful of employees, and a small shop with under $500,000 in sales. We have grown to over 40 employees, a large

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