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What to Know About Selling Your Home in the Midst of a DivorceAlberta has the highest divorce rate in Canada. Divorce is a very traumatic time for couples as emotions are riding high. There can be many very bitterly contested issues that arise during divorce proceedings. Your home is often the biggest financial investment that you made as a couple in happier times. Quite often, when a married couple decides to split, one partner will continue to reside in the home at least for the short term. How is the best way to sell a house so you can both equitably profit instead of making the lawyers richer?

Deal with your emotions before you decide what to do. The first thing to remember is not to base your decision on what you're feeling. Since your home represents a considerable investment, be smart in how you

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The Most Famous Restaurants in CalgaryCalgary's most famous restaurants are a mixture of establishments with long, storied histories and some newcomers to the scene that have quickly made a name for themselves in the region. Here are four top restaurants that Calgarians are raving about.

River Café—25 Prince's Island Park

With a focus on hyper-local fine dining, superior service and lovely riverside setting, it's no surprise that River Café has continued to flourish and remain relevant for over 25 years. Once guests cross the footbridge and approach this upscale woodland lodge, they are figuratively transferred into another world graced with relaxed elegance—and incredibly crafted foods and wines.

River Café enjoys regular accolades as one of Canada's Top 10 by Wine Enthusiast

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How to Buy Undeveloped Land in CalgaryThere are several different types of real estate you can purchase but most people focus on houses and other types of prebuilt properties. Purchasing undeveloped Calgary land is also a good idea worth exploring and there are numerous reasons why investing in land makes sense.

The Versatility of Buying Land

Buying land gives you options. You may put a house on the property, get it zoned for a business, or let it appreciate in value and resell the land down the line. The potential of any piece of land is often limitless.

The Increasing Value of Land

Land tends to increase in value over time. Buying land for sale is a great long-term investment. Many people have purchased cheap land for sale, have sat on it for a few years, and then have

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The Best Family Day Events in CalgaryIn parts of Canada, Family Day has become a beloved annual tradition. Calgary officially commemorates Family Day on the third Monday in February, but the city comes to life throughout the entire weekend with unique and fun ways to spend time together as a family. Families come in all shapes and sizes, and there's an event for every type of family in Calgary.

These are the top Family Day events and activities in Calgary this year:

Family Quest

The Gasoline Alley Museum has created a Family Day adventure that will allow families to work together and enjoy a little bit of friendly competition as well. The Family Quest event will take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. February 14 through February 18 at the museum. Families will be able to choose

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Common Plumbing Problems to Watch Out For in Your HomeWhen it comes to plumbing, a little maintenance can go a long way. By checking over some of the common plumbing areas in your home, you could potentially prevent a disaster from occurring. While a water leak can happen anyplace in the home, you'll usually find one most often in the bathroom, laundry room and in the kitchen.

Look Around the Toilet

Leaky toilets aren't always obvious to spot as the leakage typically goes right down the drain rather than causing visible damage. A continuously running toilet from a faulty flapper valve can lose up to 200 gallons of water every day! This is an easy fix, but failing to do so will get expensive fast.

If you're not sure whether your toilet is leaking or not, place a few drops of food coloring in

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4 Common Questions About Home Warranties ExplainedWhat is a home warranty? Home warranties help to protect a home buyer from certain defaults in the home, particularly for new buildings in Calgary. With this information, home buyers will understand the uses of home warranties, when home warranties are typically required, and how to take advantage of their home warranties if they need it.

Why Are Warranties Necessary for New Homes?

Home warranties are often considered necessary for new homes, but why is this? Buying new construction has a number of benefits for people, including:

  • access to new building practices and technologies
  • ability to use all products for the first time
  • likelihood of better documentation on the structure and systems

Despite this, a new West Springs home

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The Best Dog Parks in Each Quadrant in Calgary

Soon it will be time for sunshine, iced coffee, and dog walks! But until then it can be difficult to ensure your dog gets the exercise they need when temperatures are -20 and below. But with spring on the horizon, it is time to start getting ready for dog walks and play days, and Calgary dog parks are the place to start! The city is fortunate to have over 150 different dog-friendly parks where pups can frolic off-leash, chase balls, and play with others. Take a look at the many Calgary dog parks located in each neighbourhood and quadrant of the city and plan out some quality time with Fido!

Note: Before letting your dog run free off-leash, be sure to check the designated area for signs indicating that it is an off-leash area. Keep in mind that

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Home Buying Tips for WomenWomen home buyers in Calgary have to come represent a huge market these days when it comes to the purchase of real estate. More than 20 % of those investing in real estate are single women and close to 40 % of this group are first time home buyers. From a demographic perspective, women are slightly more likely to look at the purchase of condos than home purchases, mainly because they don’t offer more bedrooms than they require if they don not have children. However, many other women are also very involved in buying a new home.

If you are a single woman, real estate is a good long term investment for your money as homes and condos invariably appreciate over time. A home or condo also allows you to build up equity in your property as you pay down

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Top Softball Leagues in Calgary for Men and WomenSpring weather in Calgary is historically unpredictable. Cool days mixed with warm days mixed with freak snowstorms has been a recipe for disaster on many occasions. Our crazy weather was enough to chase away pro baseball teams that have tried to make Calgary home. But not enough to deter little league teams and softball or slow pitch teams who just want to have fun.

The Best Softball Fields in Calgary

Team tryouts start indoors because of this but once the season is underway there's no denying that we're got some great facilities in our city. Here are just a few of them with more outlined on the City of Calgary website.

South Calgary

Pop Davies Athletic Park: This park in the heart of the community of Ogden was dedicated in 1983 to

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The Best Lunch Restaurants in CalgaryEnjoy some amazing eateries around the Calgary area. While you're out shopping or partaking in some activities, you will want to grab a bite to eat. Here are some places that are open for lunch, and have some delicious menu options. Your sure to find what your craving in Calgary.


If the occasion calls for something a little nicer, Belvedere is the place to go. This fine dining restaurant is housed in an old structure that use to be a bank. The atmosphere is enchanting, with the décor and offerings. There is a lounging area separate from the dining area, which adds to the fine dining experience.

Menu options are a mixture of flavours, including exotic and unique. Dishes such as rack of lamb in artichoke crust with peppermint beet

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