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What Parking Options Are Available in Calgary?Did you know that there are a million registered vehicles on the streets of Calgary? That's a crazy number of cars, trucks, SUVs and mini-vans on the road, and of course, all one million of these vehicles need parking spots. We love to drive but hate looking for parking. If you're shopping for a condo and have one or more cars, adequate parking is just as important as the number of bathrooms. Here's what you might expect when considering a purchase in a multi-family development or condo tower:

In A Parking Lot Or Underground

Condo and townhome developments on the outer fringes of Calgary and suburban neighbourhoods most often have a parking lot, also called surface parking, which is not as secure as underground parking which is typically

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Kitchen Renovation Information for Home Buyers Seeking High ROIHome renovations, particularly kitchen renovations, can increase a home's value dramatically. The highest ROI kitchen renovations are the ones that are relatively affordable but that make a big impact on home buyers. If you're a homeowner who is thinking about selling your home sometime in the next year, these kitchen changes can increase the value of your home.

Paint the Walls

Painting the walls makes the kitchen look new, fresh and fabulous. In recent years, white has been a very popular colour in kitchens. White brightens the space while making it look larger and cleaner. If white is not a desirable colour for the homeowner, then the best bet is to paint the walls in neutral colours, as these tend to be the most universally appreciated by home

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If you have entered the world of commercial real estate and have tenants you're going to have to keep them happy to hold onto them. Good tenants are like gold and you should do everything possible to keep them satisfied. Happy tenants stay and disgruntled tenants leave. When tenants leave you lose money. The bottom line is always to give value to the rental units so that the only reason people would leave is to upgrade their residences or because they have to move out of town.

Stay In Contact

Even if you are using a property management company it is a good idea to get in contact with your tenants as a landlord at least once or twice a year to find out how they are doing. In some cases, the property management company that you have hired may not

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Where Can You Buy Halloween Costumes in Calgary?Halloween is coming and that means it's time to find a great costume. Whether you're looking for something unique or to transform yourself into your favourite television character, here are the best places to shop in Calgary for your costume this year.

Heritage Park

Many people go to Heritage Park, the historical village, to eat cheese buns and ride the caterpillar. It's actually a great place to start getting costume ideas because the park is full of attire that is historically accurate to the era. This is a great place to start.

Bleeding Art Industries

Bleeding Art Industries is the place to get your Halloween makeup. Whether you're dressing up as a zombie, a clown, or a movie star, get the makeup you need from Bleeding Art Industries.

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Where Are the Best Parks With Fitness Equipment in Calgary?You don't often think of doing lat pulls or sweating on an elliptical trainer at the local playground down the street. But with the outdoor fitness equipment craze sweeping North American, you can indeed do that.

The Popularity of Outdoor Fitness Centers

There are actually 20 million square-metres of fitness spaces outdoors in China. Ladders, balance bars, stations to do sit-ups. In Spain, the hub of the outdoor fitness equipment/playground craze, the work out stations are painted in attractive primary colours. There is even an outdoor fitness centre in London's famous Hyde Park and in an effort to get seniors moving it's been nicknamed "Pensioner's Playground."

Spring is on its way and it will soon be time to get outdoors. The City of Calgary

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The Best August Events in Calgary

The month of August is upon us, but don't let the upcoming fall season stop you from enjoying what is left of summer activities and fun!

While the Stampede celebrations have come to an end, for the next thirty-one days, businesses, families, and communities will be keeping up the energy by hosting extravagant parties, concerts, and other exciting events. This month of summer is the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and check out the latest city events before the kids go back to school. Take the family out to enjoy the many tastes of Calgary, see the Dragon Boat Festival, have brunch with the Pandas at the zoo, or even find your centre at the Calgary Yoga Festival.

Ready to get the most out of every second remaining of sunshine? Take a look at

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When it's time to buy your new house, there are 2 different types of mortgages to take a look at: adjustable rate and a fixed-rate mortgages. If it's your first time buying a home, you'll want to know the difference between the 2 kinds of mortgages so that you can have a general understanding of what they are before the mortgage broker attempts to explain them to you.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages

This often seems like the most attractive mortgage due to its lower interest rate. At the beginning of the mortgage term you'll be offered an interest rate that is lower than the one you'd find with a fixed-rate mortgage. The problem is that the rate of interest won't be locked in and later on the monthly payments can go up if the interest rate rises. In

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If you're looking for a mortgage as a self-employed individual here in Canada there's a mountain you're going to have to climb to get it. Self-employed mortgages don't come easy in this country for a variety of reasons that all boil down to 2 main issues for the lender.


Why is it More Difficult to Get a Mortgage When You're Self-Employed?

  • Income from a small business is a lot harder for the mortgage lender to document than the income coming in from a base salary.
  • Most people that are self-employed can have waves and then lulls of money flowing in. This adds a certain risk for defaulting on the loan that many lenders don't want to touch.

What Advantages Do You Have When You're Self-Employed?

As a self-employed professional you

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The Importance of Home SecurityThe answer to this is a resounding yes. No matter what type of budget you have, any type of security system is better than nothing. In fact, you can simply set up a fake one if you really can't afford a security system or you can make one that makes thieves think that a real one has been set in place. The criminal mind isn't smart enough to linger around a place trying to decide whether the security system is real or how well it is designed. Unless you have a luxury home, these thieves won't be taking a second look at the design of the system itself but will only be concentrating on whether you have one set in place or not.

When Price Isn't A Concern

If you're willing to pay the price for a full security system you should be looking for one that

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Business Spotlight: Escape 60

More than 430 reviewers on Google have given Escape60 a nearly perfect five-star rating! What makes their escape rooms different from most?

Sandeep and his brother decided to open Escape60 so they could work together while providing customers with an elevated experience. Of course, it helped that both loved the joy and excitement of the experience/adventure-based industry.

"Our work ethic and growth mindset also contribute to Escape60's success," smiles Sandeep, "along with our openness to change and willingness to adapt to our customer's needs and wants."

The brothers know that change is important, but so is sticking to the aspects of the business that work. For example, they knew that their customers wanted challenging and fun escape

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