Business Spotlight: Kings Fitness

Posted by Justin Havre on Friday, February 28th, 2020 at 1:32pm

Business Spotlight: Kings Fitness Calgary

Kings Fitness is a 24-hour strength and health-based gym in Calgary, that offers a platform for personal trainers to build their own business. They are a diverse facility where a lasting active lifestyle can be built in order to help clients reach your goals. They seek to offer a safe, healthy environment, where everyone feels accepted and respected.

Owners Leo and Charlotte King enjoy helping clients meet their healthy lifestyle goals. Since launching the gym, the brand grew quickly, enabling a move in 2018 from a 2,400 square foot facility to an 8,000 square foot space with more room for a studio, consult rooms, bigger change rooms, and additional strength training equipment.

King Fitness Workout Locations in Calgary

"We decided to launch Kings Fitness because it was an opportunity to bring all athletes and everyday gym users together under the same roof, all striving for one thing: self-improvement," say Leo and Charlotte. "As well, it is a platform for trainers to train clients and build their own businesses."

They cite "accommodating the desire to provide a place for people to train who are tired of training in the poor atmosphere of typical commercial gyms," as the driving factor in their success, adding, "Our unique model focuses on community atmosphere as well as getting results."

The community atmosphere at Kings is important, since 40 per cent of Canadians shy away from the gym due to feeling intimidated. Kings Fitness provides an inclusive, friendly atmosphere where everyone feels welcome, regardless of their fitness level or knowledge of the gym equipment. At Kings, help is on hand for both newcomers and long-time fitness enthusiasts.

Like all entrepreneurs, Leo and Charlotte had to marry their passion for what they love to do with the learning curve of how to run a business, but despite the ups and downs of that learning curve, they say they wouldn't have changed a thing. "You have to learn to fail to improve," they advise aspiring business owners. "We would never change the decision to get started and to launch the gym."

The decision is rewarding for the duo in many ways, but Leo and Charlotte especially love seeing how happy their clients are with their workouts.

"Fitness is your lifeline," they advise. "Being able to adapt to everyday life revolves around being healthy and strong."

Weights at Kings Fitness Calgary

Both of them cite "feeling good and feeling like you can take on the world," as reasons why they love to work out, and it's not hard to see why. While most people see exercise as a tool for weight loss (and it is!) the benefits extend much further than that. Exercise, even at moderate levels, can boost your mood and your immune system, as well as help relieve anxiety and stress. Exercise is also a key factor in building muscle and reducing bone loss — which is vital as you age. It lowers your risk of chronic disease, helps clear up skin issues, improves sleep quality, reduces pain, increases memory, and so much more. With gyms like Kings Fitness, these benefits are accessible to those that want to exercise while staying away from the larger, more traditional gyms. It's all about inclusivity and access at Kings Fitness.

Leo and Charlotte are proud to have their business operating out of Calgary.

"Calgary is an entrepreneurial city. We love the lifestyle, the accessibility to the mountains, and the weather. We give back by supporting local businesses and sponsoring and hosting events."

Great things are planned for the future, including another possible expansion when the time is right. To learn more about Kings Fitness, visit online, @KingsFitness0 on Facebook, and on Instagram.

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