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How to Photograph Your Home When SellingWith more and more potential buyers turning to their home computers and mobile devices to look through homes, should you be taking your own pictures of your property or hiring a professional photographer to do the job? In most cases, unless you have a knack with photography, it's worth the money to hire a professional to take the pictures because this can often lead to a faster sale.

The Case for Hiring a Photographer When Selling Your Home

It's often said that a picture's worth a thousand words and this is so true with real estate listings. In most cases it will be the pictures, not the descriptive text, that first captures the viewer's attention. It only takes a few top quality photos to get people to stop and take a look at what your home

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What Home Improvments Can Hurt Your Resale Value?If you're thinking of doing some renovations around your house this summer, here are some of the upgrades that you may want to avoid. These renos are unlikely to add any type of resale value to your home.

Installing A Concrete Patio

Concrete patios can look great for the first couple of years but then they tend to crack. When this cracking starts, it's almost impossible to repair it so that it looks as good as new. Concrete can also cast a glare that is very harsh, which can be a concern to a potential buyer.

A Basketball Court

Basketball and tennis courts take up a lot of space in the yard. There are going to be only a handful of selected buyers that would consider purchasing a home that has a large court on it. You should only

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The Best Pho Restaurants in CalgaryWhen the snow flies there's nothing like a steaming bowl of fragrant pho from one of Calgary's fine Vietnamese noodle houses. Pho, which is actually pronounced “fuh”, is basically rice noodles swimming in a chicken or beef broth. Always satisfying but never the same. Different restaurants like to prepare it in slightly different ways.

Good pho is clear broth. It should never be dark or even cloudy. It should be a harmonious blend of flavours. There should be plenty of options from beef flank to tendon or tripe or rare beef with a perfect balance of luxurious white rice noodles in broth so hot it will steam up your glasses.

Every good pho comes with a variety of toppings. A plate brimming with fresh bean sprouts, springs of mint or basil and

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Getting Rid of Mold in the HomeOne of the biggest issues that a home owner may run into is mold and mildew. A lot of insurance claims have been made regarding mold since it can destroy your home and also be harmful to your health. In a perfect world mold would stay outside where it belongs and would not invade your home.

Unfortunately, mold spores tend to land on any moist, dark area anywhere and cause problems.

Symptoms of Mold Exposure

Many people are allergic to mold and it can cause complications in people who are dealing with respiratory issues. Mold buildup in a dwelling can cause a variety of health problems including the following:

  • Red eyes
  • Increased instances of asthma attacks
  • Skin rashes
  • Sneezing
  • Irritated lungs
  • Sore throats
  • A variety
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Should You Hire a Pro Or DIY?Owning your own property is one of the strongest symbols of independence which is why it doesn't seem like much of a stretch to handle the improvements to that property too. But some DIY projects really aren't advisable for the average handyman (and even sometimes for the advanced one.) It's time to look at the big picture of home repairs before jumping into a project that could eat up far more time and money than a homeowner ever could have anticipated.

Physical Safety

Before tallying up how much supplies will cost at the hardware store, homeowners first need to list out the safety hazards in their minds. All jobs are going to come with some degree of risk, but the odds rise and fall depending on the outcome the homeowner wants. From faulty

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When you can live around the corner from the office and walk to the grocery store or the restaurant down the street, you’ve got it made.

That’s what life in the south east neighbourhood of Quarry Park is all about.  Life all wrapped up in one beautifully designed package.

So far there’s no Calgary neighbourhood quite like it.  Sandwiched in between Riverbend to the north and Douglas Glen to the south, Quarry Park is on the east side of the Bow River and takes full advantage of it’s unique location.  It’s aptly named, as for many years the land served as a huge industrial gravel pit for the local cement plant on the other side of the river, accessed by a narrow construction bridge.  It was also used as a dumping ground for hard materials such

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One of the city’s very popular inner-city communities is Marda Loop, a trading/residential area that spans the south end of the community of South Calgary and the north end of the Garrison Woods/Altadore district.

The last 15 years has really seen a significant change where this once quiet community has turned into a hip destination.  Part of the desirability of the area has been the commercial area that runs along 33 Ave SW and 34 Ave SW between 20St SW and Crowchild Trail.

It’s become more urban and more walkable according to Bob van Wegen who is in charge of the Marda Loop business district.  He was asked for comment recently for an article in the Calgary Real Estate News.

Marda Loop History

The odd name goes back 80 years to a time

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Spring weather in Calgary is historically unpredictable.  Cool days mixed with warm days mixed with freak snowstorms has been a recipe for disaster on many occasions.  Our crazy weather was enough to chase away pro baseball teams that have tried to make Calgary home.  But not enough to deter little league teams and softball or slow pitch teams who just want to have fun.

Team tryouts start indoors because of this but once the season is underway there’s no denying that we’re got some great facilities in our city.  Here are just a few of them with more outlined on the City of Calgary website.

South Calgary

Pop Davies Athletic Park:  This park in the heart of the community of Ogden was dedicated in 1983 to Jack “Pop” Davies who was a coach and

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An award-winning community in Calgary’ deep southeast with not one but two lakes and a new community only it’s second-year of construction are commanding the city’s biggest demand for detached homes so far in 2017.

Mahogany at the south end of Calgary and Cornerstone way up past the airport are the two communities where the most permits for single-family homes have been dished out by the City so far this year.

Hopewell Residential is the developer of Mahogany which submitted the most applications in January and February with applications from Cornerstone’s Walton Group a close second.

Mahogany Leads the Charge

This is the third year running that Mahogany has led the pack for single-family home building permits in Calgary.  Hopewell

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Calgary’s car culture is truly embedded in many of our communities, especially all communities built after 1950.  Urban planners have been trying for a while to undo everything that’s been done and rethink our reliance on the car which has significantly impacted urban sprawl.

The rethinking process really started with the construction of McKenzie Towne in Calgary’s south eastern quadrant.  McKenzie Towne was modeled after a village of old with a High Street similar to what you’d find in the English country side.  The community was avante garde – revolutionary.  A shopping district in the centre of the neighbourhood surrounded by residential areas completely within walking distance.  A church with a steeple for heaven’s sakes.  It was the foundation

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