Local Spotlight: Village Ice Cream

Posted by Justin Havre on Friday, July 6th, 2018 at 11:33am

Something about Village Ice Cream's homemade goodness brings Calgarians the nostalgia and comfort of their very own childhood. Village Ice Cream opened its first location in 2012 with a darling atmosphere focused around the simplicity of hand crafted ice cream tied together in a modern woodland setting.

You are welcomed and enticed by the soft and warm smell of their waffle cones made fresh in-house at all three locations. Each location bringing it's own charm and character that connects the community with their diverse and fresh flavours. Included in their daily selection is a coconut milk option that caters to vegan or non-dairy friends and a lighter, cooler choice of sorbet. What we adore most, the 'date night' vibe no matter the company you're with. New friend, best friend, your love, mom, dad or a 'long time no see' kind of thing... Village brings us closer to the ones we love with a special meaning and memory behind each visit.

Hot off a South American motorcycle odyssey cut short by stress and fatigue, our founder Billy Friley found himself on his Grandma Gladys' porch. This is where he discovered a life changing pint of rich, locally made huckleberry ice cream.

It was good. Life changing. Mind altering.

Enough to get him out of his funk so he could hightail it back to Calgary to create the freshest, creamiest ice cream Calgarians had ever tasted.

The very first Village Ice Cream opened shop in 2012 in a plain old building on an impossible to find cul-de-sac. An improbable place, hidden away against the railway tracks.

Five years and 3 locations later, Village remains in hot pursuit of cold perfection. Places for hand-made traditional ice cream in decidedly un-traditional shops. Places to gather, share old memories and create new ones. Places to wind down or rev up. Places to connect with fellow villagers. Or, you know, places to grab a quick pint of Salted Caramel for just you and a spoon — we get it.

We are all Villagers, so come on in!

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