Celebrate Earth Day in Calgary This Week

Posted by on Monday, April 8th, 2019 at 12:03pm.

The Best Earth Day Events in CalgaryThe theme of Earth Day 2019 is ‘Protect Our Species,' a campaign designed to raise education and awareness about the increasing rates of extinct species and the consequences of this plight. The best Earth Day events in Calgary this year will also focus on:

  • Building and activating a global movement that embraces the value of nature.
  • Encouraging individuals to consume a greater plant-based diet.
  • Promoting organic growing practices free of herbicide and pesticide use.
  • Achieving governmental policy changes to protect a broader variety of species and their habitats.

Be a part of these efforts by attending or participating in some local Calgary Earth Day Events this year such as these fun activities.

2019 Earth Day 24,901 Mile Run/Walk Challenge

Hosted by The Virtual Run Challenge, the goal is to collectively see how many times participants can run the 24,901 mile (ca. 40,074 kilometers) distance of the equator during Earth Day Month in April. While this feat sounds nearly impossible, just over 400 participants committing to walk or run just two miles daily can meet the goal. Open to those of all fitness levels, this epic challenge is free to participate in, and families, friends and co-workers are encouraged to sign up together.

Upgrading registration for a small fee gets participants a commemorative medal, an official Earth Day t-shirt and a pack of wildflower seeds. The official time to log miles is from Monday, Apr 1, 2019, 12:00 AM – Tuesday, Apr 30, 2019, 11:30 PM MDT. Simply report miles walked or run on the online database at The Virtual Challenge Run's website daily or weekly to add to the overall goal of this fun drive.

Climb to the Top of Bow Tower for Wilderness Awareness

The weekend following official Earth Day on Saturday, April 27, 2019 is a breathtaking event giving nature lovers the opportunity to climb the 1204 steps to the top of the Bow Building. As one of the best Earth Day activities in Calgary, the Climb for Wilderness—aka C4W—aims to spread the word about the importance of protecting the incredible and unique wildlife in Alberta.

Making the climb or offering to volunteer time is a great way to advocate for wildlife and spend time with friends and family. Make the climb a challenge this year to see who can summit the tower first. This year, registration fees are discounted from previous Earth Day climbs, and there is a special rate for youths under 15.

Head Out to the Calgary Stampede for Environmental Education

While the Calgary Stampede is best known for fantastic entertainment, rodeos, midway rides and for cowboy antics, this organization is also a yearlong proponent for environmental protection. While attending events here throughout the year, one might notice the ample amount of recycling bins around the premises. However, the Stampede's environmental consultants and team is active within the Calgary community, as well. Last year, the Calgary Stampede focused on ending plastic pollution, but this year's dates and theme have yet to be announced. Check their website for the latest information on Earth Day 2019's clean-up initiatives at the Calgary Stampede.

Celebrate Earth Day Calgary Style

There will be upcoming events announced as Earth Day 2019 gets closer, so be sure to check out local happenings online to see what fun and frills for this fantastic cause await this year. Regardless of whether the family ventures out or not, use the month of April as an opportunity to take greater strides within the home and work environment to reduce your carbon footprint to make a difference on an individual level permanently.

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