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How to Winterize Your Calgary HomeNeglecting to weather proof your Calgary home can end up costing you a lot of money if you don’t give it the TLC it needs. Nature’s elements can batter your home with wind, rain, snow, frost and pesky insects.

How to Improve Your House For Winter

It might cost a bit to keep your home well maintained and protected from the ravages of nature, but it’s an investment well spent. Protecting your home from the weather is a 4 season job.

Weatherproofing Your Windows

Examine your windows both inside and outside to ensure they are in tip top shape. If the caulking on the exterior is cracked or aged, then you should replace immediately. You can also add storm windows on the outside to get an extra layer of protection, or use plastic window seal

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How to Maintain Your Calgary DeckWith the return of the warm weather, it's time to give your deck some tender loving care. Not only will it look better and last longer but it will also add value to your home on the resale. It's estimated that a deck that has been maintained properly can return as much as 77% of the original cost to build it. That is, however, only if you keep it looking great!

Make Any Necessary Repairs

Look for rot in the boards and if you find any shallow areas they can be treated with a wood preservative. For larger problem areas you may have to call in a professional for an assessment. Make sure that all of the screws are in tight and that there are none missing.

It's Time For The Deep Clean

Sweep your deck and look for any debris that may be

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When To Replace Your RoofDoes your roof need to be replaced? If so, there will be signs. It can be difficult for you to identify the signs you need a new roof, but knowing what to look for in an aging roof can help you decide when it's time to look into roof replacement. Here is an assortment of common problems for roofs to have that may mean you need a new roof and when to replace roofing.

Curling and Cracked Shingles

Shingles will begin to curl at the edges or crack when they are nearing the end of their service life. When this happens, water can more easily intrude beneath the shingle, leading to water intrusion over time. In addition to old age, shingle curing and cracking can be caused by strong winds, extreme temperatures, or animals trying to get beneath

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What Can Homeowners Do About Unpermitted Work?When home buyers are interested in purchasing a home, a home inspector may only catch obvious signs of unpermitted work. A homeowner may discover later that some of the work performed on a home did not have the proper permit. What are homeowners to do in such a situation?

Do home owners have to tear down and start over with the proper permits or are there other options? Learn more about unpermitted work and homeowner options today.

When Homeowners Find Out

What do you do about unpermitted work? If previous owners did not disclose their knowledge of work done without a required permit, then new owners can not finish any renovation project without having the city sign off on previous unpermitted work.

Homeowners have to deal with getting

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Top Home Safety Hazards for New HomeownersNew Canadian homeowners may not realize the potential for injury in their home. As many residents spend a significant amount of time indoors, it is important to track down areas that may require attention to make it safer environment for all occupants. Pets, the elderly and young children may all be subject to a physical injury or worse when new homeowners have not addressed common home safety hazards.

Explore some common home safety hazards that can be experienced by first-time homeowners today.

Obstacles May Pose a Threat

Head injuries or broken bones result in the 20 per cent of older adults who fall. Injuries as a result of falls is a common household hazard. Many homeowners may be moving into older homes needing some TLC. Lighting is

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What Buyers and Sellers Need to Know About Foundation DamageWhen it comes to buying or selling a home, most parties involved immediately think about amenities, curb appeal, current market conditions and neighbourhood demographics. However, it's what lies beneath that may matter the most, and that's the home's foundation. Whether homes feature poured concrete, frost-protected, raised foundations, permanent wood or insulated concrete form foundations, here are some common home foundation concerns that buyers and sellers face.

Spotting the Signs of Foundation Damage

There's a big difference between normal house settling and actual foundation damage. Wondering how to tell if a house has foundation problems? Here are some things to look for that could indicate that the foundation needs a closer look.

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    The Best Affordable Home ImprovementsRenovating your home will increase its value and make it a nicer place for you to live. But many people don't have the money to spend on expensive housing upgrades. Here's what you need to know about making affordable improvements for your home, as well as a few budget-friendly projects to add beauty, value and selling appeal to your home.

    The Effect Affordable Improvements Have On Home Value

    If you're trying to add value to your home, several projects tend to add more value than others. For example, upgrading kitchens with new appliances and fixtures will pay off, especially if you're updating a particularly old space. Bathrooms are another source of home value when updating accessories and features. Tidying up outdoor areas tends to pay

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    Common Plumbing Problems to Watch Out For in Your HomeWhen it comes to plumbing, a little maintenance can go a long way. By checking over some of the common plumbing areas in your home, you could potentially prevent a disaster from occurring. While a water leak can happen anyplace in the home, you'll usually find one most often in the bathroom, laundry room and in the kitchen.

    Look Around the Toilet

    Leaky toilets aren't always obvious to spot as the leakage typically goes right down the drain rather than causing visible damage. A continuously running toilet from a faulty flapper valve can lose up to 200 gallons of water every day! This is an easy fix, but failing to do so will get expensive fast.

    If you're not sure whether your toilet is leaking or not, place a few drops of food coloring in

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    A Room-by-Room Lighting GuideHow an owner lights the many rooms of their home is usually pre-determined by the original lighting at the time of purchase. However, this passive approach can end up having a major impact on how each resident feels about their time within the home. It can even be a safety hazard if the lighting interferes with the visibility of the rooms. Good lighting within a home also helps sell the home - especially in winter. For a better idea of how to approach lighting, keep these tips in mind to banish the dangerous shadows.

    Main Rooms

    Whether it's a family room, living room, or den, these rooms are often the most used in any home. And because they're places where people tend to congregate, the rooms can be used in multiple ways from morning to

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    Why Canadian Homeowners Are Going SolarMore Canadian homeowners are looking into residential solar power. Those concerned about the environment and who want to reduce their utility bills are looking into this sustainable source of energy.

    Wondering how solar energy works in Calgary homes? Understand more about the benefits of home solar systems and why homeowners are interested in residential solar power to meet energy demands today.

    Solar Energy is Clean Energy

    Homeowners like the idea that they can tap into a sustainable source of energy and reduce their carbon footprint with "clean energy." The extraction, production and transportation of traditional sources of energy can create toxic by-products and damage the local environment where raw resources are being taken from. The

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