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Add Professional Photographs to the Must-Have List for Selling a HomeProfessional real estate photography isn't a luxury. Photographs are a powerful sales tool for McKenize Towne home sellers, and should be considered as important as setting the right price, choosing an agent and staging. Selling a home is not a game of chance, or of waiting for the right buyer to appear. Maximize your chances of selling quickly and for the right price by using the available varied sales tools.

Whether you or your real estate agent use photographs solely for online listings or to incorporate photos into print advertising, brochures and open house handouts, quality is important.

Test this principle by previewing existing online listings in your price range. The difference between professional photographs and video and shots from a

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How Foreclosures Work in CanadaForeclosure refers to the lender receiving permission to sell a home because the homeowner was unable to meet their mortgage payments. In Canada, the rules of foreclosure will vary based on province, and may or may not involve the court system as an intermediary. The foreclosure process can be a lengthy and complicated one, so it helps for Panorama Hills homeowners to do their homework.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed mortgage professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Lenders Will Wait

If a homeowner is unable to come up with their payment, they may have up to several months before their lender will even begin foreclosure proceedings. Ultimately, this depends on the lender, but homeowners

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How to Make the Most of Your Vacation Home SaleSelling a vacation home starts with understanding the differences between a second and a primary home. Not only will the rules change for listing the home, but sellers have to be ready for new tax laws that apply only to vacation homes. While talking to a real estate agent with experience in second home sales is the best way to get all your questions answered, understanding some basic distinctions is a good way to get started when selling their home.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a financial advisor before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Deciding When to Sell a Home

All home selling is cyclical—there are certain months when people want to buy and others that are not as popular. However, second homes can

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Selling a TownhouseWhat types of people are looking for a townhouse in Calgary? Narrow down your selection and you'll be able to better market your home.

Marketing can be done very precisely when you figure out who your target market is, and that leads to a quicker home sale in almost every case. If you don't know the kind of people that are actively searching for townhouses, how can you point out the exact things that they are looking for?

"But It's My Agent's Job To Do The Advertising..."

Technically yes, but he can't do it alone. There will be plenty of potential buyers that will want to speak to you directly about the townhome you are selling and you should be ready to answer their questions.

Families, Families, Families

There aren't too many single

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DownsizingIf so, you may be considering your options. Should you downsize into a condo or into a smaller home? It's a question that's on a lot of baby boomer's minds these days as they look at the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Downsizing Into a Single-Family Home

While it's often assumed that a person will automatically choose to downsize into a condo, many people that are of retirement age are looking for a smaller home instead. The transition from a bigger house to a smaller one can be a lot easier to take. You can still enjoy a home, a garage and tending to the garden while remaining active.

While it's a nice idea to downsize into a condo, not all retirees want to give up the benefits that come with home ownership. All of the maintenance

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Lose your job? Don't lose your home! Losing your job can be devastating, particularly if your mortgage payment takes a significant portion of your pay cheque.

And if your partner is still employed, paying your mortgage can be tough when your total household income is suddenly cut in half. According to a recent study by Manulife, four in 10 homeowners couldn't last three months if they were laid off from work. But, take heart – you do have options!

Take Inventory

First, write out a list of whatever money you do have coming in or whatever funds you have in savings. Then take inventory of your monthly expenses. Prioritize your bills, with your mortgage payment at the top of your list. Consider your mortgage payment as part of your living

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Stress of Selling FSBOThere are homeowners who may think it is worthwhile to sell a home themselves and pocket that agent commission. However, selling a home FSBO may be more of a chore than initially anticipated. First time home sellers and those who have little extra time may want to work with a reputable local agent.

Homeowners will be busy with getting their home ready, and may not be aware of the extra burden that comes with marketing and showing a property. Learn more about why some reconsider selling a home FSBO and end up partnering with an agent.

Ready for a Second Job?

Simply listing a home for sale is only the start of what needs to be done. Agents take into account multiple factors when helping a seller list their home, such as recent comps, the

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The best time to market a house is usually in the spring and fall. During this time, the number of houses up for sale increases significantly, giving consumers more variety and options. This leads to a fluctuation of prices and higher competition between the sellers.

In order for a buyer to access a good property or a seller to make a profitable sale, they both need to be strategically positioned. The listingsbenefit both the seller and the buyer to secure the best deal for them. This is a cooperative service that lists Calgary homes that are up for sale and is beneficial to both the potential buyer and the seller of a home.

How The Listings Helps Sellers

When you as a seller list your house the information can be accessed online by many real

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If this is your first time putting a house up for sale you may not really know what to expect when it comes to showing it. While your real estate agent can explain what you should do to your home to get it looking its best, sometimes it helps to see the visualization on your own. One of the ways you can do this is to go visit a few open houses and see for yourself how the homes are being presented.


Learn More About What You Like in a Home

You'll also get a feel of what you like about the homes and what turns you off. Take notes while you're walking around the house and if there's anyone else that's browsing through the open houses listen to their comments as well. You'll get a feel after walking through a couple of homes of what buyers are

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What Do Homeowners Need To Know When SellingThose wondering how to sell your home in Canada should prepare themselves for myriad possibilities during the process. Because of the complexity of the procedures involves such as legalities, paperwork, negotiations and costs to consider, first time home sellers may find the experience daunting. However, here are some home selling tips to ponder while preparing the household for the process.

Understand the Cost of Selling a Home in Canada

While the process may differ slightly for each case, the question of how to sell a home in Canada still involves various cost and fees that are standard industry-wide. Here are some of the costs that sellers should be prepared to handle:

Legal Fees and Disbursements: First time home sellers should give

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