How to Find the Best Calgary Real Estate Agent

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How to Choose a Real Estate AgentThere are a few key points to consider when hiring a professional Calgary real estate agent. You’ll need one in order to buy or sell your home successfully. You should be thinking about the amount of money you will save in the long run and not how much money you will pay the agent. Here are the main points to consider when selecting an agent.

A lot of people have a hard time finding the right agent because they simply go to the Yellow Pages and choose one from there. The better way is to actually meet an agent face-to-face either at an open house or by scheduling an appointment over the phone. Never commit to using an agent when you haven't met him first. You’ll want to be compatible and be sure that this person will listen to you.

How Does a Real Estate Agent Help You Complete a Real Estate Transaction?

Even though the idea of selling your home by yourself may seem easier and cheaper, it really isn't. When you take into account the amount of time you would have to spend marketing your house as well as the cost of advertising and other incidentals, it is much faster and simpler to hire a Calgary real estate agent. You would also be surprised to discover that you are actually not really going to save very much when attempting to sell your home on your own and it will take much longer. 

Plus, without a real estate agent there to help you, chances are you won’t get the best offers on your home.

He Will Offer You Advice And Guidance

He will let you know how your home can be made more marketable so that it can sell at a good price. You will be told what absolutely needs to get fixed to sell your home at a good price, what would be best to fix and what can be ignored.

He Will Advertise Your Home On The Listings

Unless you work through a qualified real estate agent, your home will not be seen or put on the listings. The listings show homes that agents are selling and these are the houses that you'll see on Internet sites. These are also the homes that potential buyers will be looking at when they are surfing the net for a new home. If your house is not listed here, your chances of making a quick sale are low.

They Will Walk You Through The Process

You will be handheld throughout the entire process so that you understand everything that is going on. Your agent will also be available to answer questions at any time. You will never be left wondering why something is being done a certain way and will be helped with all of the paperwork involved.

THEY Will Negotiate On Your Behalf

A real estate agent knows the art of negotiation and will do everything within their power to make sure that your home sells at the best price and with the best conditions. You can let them know what you want and they will put everything into making that happen. They will also make recommendations along the way for you to consider.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Best Qualities in a Real Estate Agent

When you're looking for a new home the one thing that's going to get you into it the fastest is working with the best Calgary real estate agent you can find. When you don't know exactly what you should be looking for in an agent it will be hard to define the best one available. Here are the most important qualities you should be looking for so that you can find the home you want to call your own quickly and efficiently.

One That Listens

You need an agent that can listen and duplicate your wants and needs in a home. You don't need someone that's a great talker - you need a great listener. You'll be able to find an agent that you feel comfortable working with and can understand exactly what you're looking for through a simple phone discussion. If you're finding that the agent is asking you a lot of questions and taking the time to listen to them you're onto a good one. You should be doing most of the talking during the conversation and the agent should be doing most of the listening.

A Full Time Agent

There are a lot of Calgary agents that only work part time in the business and don't dedicate their lives to it. For a lot of these agents their job is just something that they dabble in to make an extra income. They are not up to date on the latest technology in the real estate field and don't have the time to keep track of all the active new listings. It's always best to work with an agent that is totally devoted to his line of work. This way he can totally devote himself to finding you the home of your dreams.

A Negotiator

This is one of the most important qualities that you can find in any real estate agent in Calgary. An agent will work on your behalf to negotiate the best deal for you. Usually he will be up against another negotiator that is working on the seller's behalf so it's important to get a top-notch performer. By finding an agent that's a good negotiator you can often save thousands of dollars in the buying process.

How to Interview a Real Estate Agent

It is important to hire a real estate agent to help you sell your house. You'll get a faster sale, experienced negotiations and be walked through every part of the process. Really, there is no other way to sell your home that compares to doing it professionally.

Learn About Your Agent’s Marketing Plan

Make sure that the agent has a detailed plan of action about marketing. A good real estate agent should be skilled in marketing his services and also your home. If the agent cannot market his services, then he will not be able to market your home effectively.

Get Testimonials From Former Clients

You should ask for testimonials of former clients that the agent has served. Nobody likes to take the risk of spending their cash on any professional when they have no evidence on what they will be getting in return. Make sure the agents have testimonials available from satisfied clients.

Consider the Size of the Agent’s Company

Consider the size of the agent’s company. If he is working through a small real estate company with no connections in a particular region and town there is a probability that he is not successful and will not offer top notch services. You need an expert professional that is linked with a successful Calgary real estate company to advertise, discuss and close deals for you.

Call Up Multiple Real Estate Agents

Grab a notebook and pen and make a list of 5 or more agents in your area.  Call them.  When it comes to experience, just plain ask them how long they’ve been in the business and how many sales they’ve made.  Take notes.  Whether it’s a house you are selling or a house you are buying, you are putting the home in their hands.

Some agents are great at listing homes while others are great at selling them.  If you want to sell your house ask prospective agents how many houses they have listed and how long those houses took to sell.  Ask what the normal time frame is for a house to sell in your area.   Don’t forget to ask what the asking prices were, and what the selling prices were.

Interview the Agents Face-to-Face

After you’ve selected four or five agents, meet them.  Either visit their offices or invite them to your home.  If you like an agent, that’s good.  If you don’t like an agent or if you get an uneasy feeling during the meeting, cross that agent off your list.

Find an Agent Who Relates To You

Find an agent that can relate to your lifestyle and perhaps your age requirements. You might need fewer stairs, slightly wider halls or a smaller yard. An agent may think of things you would like in a home and just haven’t thought of like a hot tub or a garden patio, or a built-in china cupboard in the dining room.  

When hiring a real estate agent the most important thing of all is the confidence you have in him.  If you’ve done your homework, interviewed several agents, asked questions, and have developed confidence in the agent you have selected, happy house hunting!  You’re going to make it.

Pick Your Next Real Estate Agent With Confidence

Nowadays, homes are generally selling within a margin of 5% of the stated price. Homes in good condition in prime locations can sell at an even higher price. Over 85% of the real estate agents out there do a small amount or no business at all and that means little income for them and for you. The top 6% of the agents are doing approximately 85% of the business in the market. Who will you choose when you need to buy or sell your home?

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

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