Mozi-Q for Mosquito Bites - A New Calgary Product Is Gaining Popularity Fast!

Posted by on Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 at 2:45pm

What is Mozi-Q and how does it work? These are the words that a lot of people are asking across the country and in the U.S.

Mozi-Q is an insect repellent that is available in pill form. It's all-natural and Health Canada approved. It's based on homeopathic principles and works to keep ticks and mosquitoes at bay. It was developed by Erin Bosch the founder and CEO of Xerion Dispensary in Calgary. She put together the product and started to offer it to her clients. When her customers came back to get more, she decided to share the repellent with the world.

The main ingredient in Mozi-Q is staphysagria, which is a plant-derived natural substance. Many people that take a dose of the product find that mosquitoes and other bugs are kept at bay.

There are no side effects reported with the pill and the treatment can be used along with other repellent methods. You'll need to take it about 30 minutes before going outside to see effective results.

There are also many other options available if you're looking for bug repellent products that do not contain toxic DEET. There are bug sprays available in health food stores across Calgary that are made from citronella and other natural ingredients that have been proven to repel insects. Avon also has a Skin-So-Soft insect spray that has been receiving rave reviews. This product also smells fantastic and doesn't have the usual toxic spray odour to it.

This year, you may want to consider looking at effective natural products to fight off the mosquitoes instead of just relying on chemicals that may be damaging to your health. Your best bet is to try a few of them for yourself and see how well they work. The true test will be to witness mosquitoes hovering above your arms without descending for a bite and then flying away in fear to look for another victim.

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