Should You Hire a Real Estate Photographer or Take Your Own Pictures?

Posted by on Friday, January 11th, 2019 at 11:11am.

How to Photograph Your Home When SellingWith more and more potential buyers turning to their home computers and mobile devices to look through homes, should you be taking your own pictures of your property or hiring a professional photographer to do the job? In most cases, unless you have a knack with photography, it's worth the money to hire a professional to take the pictures because this can often lead to a faster sale.

The Case for Hiring a Photographer When Selling Your Home

It's often said that a picture's worth a thousand words and this is so true with real estate listings. In most cases it will be the pictures, not the descriptive text, that first captures the viewer's attention. It only takes a few top quality photos to get people to stop and take a look at what your home has to offer. After they have seen the pictures, they will look through the information that describes the home in more detail and then will turn to the pictures again. It's at this point that the decision is often made as to whether a viewing should be scheduled.

Pictures are definitely the most important part of any listing and a professional photographer knows how to bring out the best in your home via the photos. It's important to get pictures that highlight your home without any distorted images turning up. The lighting needs to be right, the angle shots need to be correct and the rooms need to reflect its proper size.

Risks of DIY Home Photography

If you're taking pictures and the rooms appear too small, visitors won't want to see your home. On the other hand, if you play around with the shots and make the rooms seem bigger than they actually are, you'll get more viewers to the home but they will quickly leave in disappointment once they see the actual room sizes up close and in person.

How Does a Real Estate Agent Approach Home Photography?

A real estate agent is likely to take a very practical approach to real estate photography. Real estate agents know what home buyers want to see in real estate listings. They know it's important to have well-lit, clear pictures that show the finer features of every room. Real estate agents also know that it's important to show as many rooms of the home as possible, to give buyers as much information as possible.

However, there are some aspects of real estate photography that real estate agents may find more difficult. Many real estate professionals do not know how to take pictures that make the rooms appear large and spacious. This is a talent that real estate photographers spend years developing.

However, many real estate agents still know enough about taking real estate photographs that they can take good photographs for their clients. Home sellers who are not prepared to spend the money for a real estate photographer are sometimes inclined to have their real estate agent take the pictures instead.

Hiring a professional real estate photographer is definitely something that you should consider if you have the budget available. Many times the right photos can lead to a faster sale, a better sale price and even multiple offers on your home.

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