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It's normal to see a lot of homes on the real estate market that are being shown with neutral colours. When you're trying to sell a home the idea is to try to appeal to the most people by using these neutral tones. When you first purchased your home you probably had a lot of neutral colour schemes running through the house. Over time, you may have gotten tired of the whole look and might be craving more vibrant colours.

If you want to paint your bedroom a deep sky blue, you're free to do so. Even though a lot of people will tell you that you should keep the neutral colours in place, feel free to stand your ground. You have the right to change the look of your home at any time as the owner of your own house. You can always switch back to neutrals when

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Trending this year for home decor is colour blocking, which uses large colour blocks as a decorative flair. It's being used for flooring, upholstery and has been showing up as a window treatment trend in homes around the world. Accomplishing this new decor option is as easy as purchasing roller shades, which are available in a wide selection of patterns, textures and vibrant colours.

If you're looking for design ideas for your windows, you can Google “window colour blocking” and see some of the fantastic ideas that people are using to bring a whole new colour element to their homes. One of the best things about this newest trend is it's an affordable option that will completely transform the look of a room.

Roller blinds are decorative yet

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Gone are the days when a home would have a separate room for entertaining when guests arrived. Nowadays, parents are a lot busier and most don't have time to devote to the upkeep of a room that is kept pristine at all times. This doesn't mean, however, that a house that has young children in it has to go to rot. There are functional and beautiful home products available that are both durable and great to look at. Here are some ideas to help make your home family-friendly and beautiful at the same time.

Magnetic wallpaper

A lot of parents avoid putting up wallpaper because they know that it may fall prey to dirty handprints and writing on the walls. Magnetic wallpaper is a green product that is easy to put up. It has a magnetic coating that is made

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When it comes to decorating your Calgary condo for the Christmas season you're going to have to streamline your efforts to make sure that you don't create a cluttered feel. Decorating a condo for the holiday season is completely different from getting your house into the festive spirit. You have a lot less space to work with and too many decorations can be overkill.


Wreaths work wonderfully!

With so many wreaths available you'll have plenty of choice and can find one that will set off your condo and holiday spirit perfectly. These days there are a variety of styles available and you can even purchase colored ones that have a modern look to them.

Making use of your wall space when decorating your condo for Christmas makes a lot of sense. A couple of

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Don't let the fall months get you down - work with them to your benefit. When you start bringing the autumn months indoors the warming colors can help you relax and unwind. Orange, brown, purple, green and red are some of the fall colors that will help to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home.

depositphotos_fall_leaves_424Put together a flower arrangement

A fall arrangement can bring some charm into your home. You can make your own by taking a hike along one of the many paths here in Calgary and collecting wildflowers, crisp autumn leaves, pine cones and cattails. If that seems like too much work you can also look for pre-made arrangements for sale featuring warm autumn colors.

Make your home smell just like fall

You can purchase aromatic candles that smell just

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