The Dos and Don’ts of House Hunting with Kids

Posted by on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019 at 11:40am.

How to Buy a Home With KidsYou're making a move to Calgary and have brought along your kids to be a part of the house hunting adventure. You have a lot of territory to cover within the next few days and a lot to get done before heading back home. You’re hoping that you'll be able to find the right Calgary home on this trip so that you don't have to return again to start a new search. The kids will need to be handled so that they go with the flow as best as possible and remain happy so that things can get accomplished.

Here are some of the do's and don'ts that you should follow when you're house hunting with your children.

How to Involve Your Children in Home-Buying


Allow your children to be a part of things. The more they feel involved and a part of the process the smoother things will go for everybody. Ask them questions as they are viewing a home to get their input. When the children are kept as an interactive important part of the house hunt they will willingly remain a part of it for hours.


Talk over the kids. If you're holding rambling conversations with the homeowners and your real estate agent your children are going to get bored and that's when trouble can start. Conversations should be kept to covering the vital information that will actually help you make a final decision on a home.

Take Care of Your Children's Needs During the House Hunt


Keep the children well fed. A hungry child can be become upset or unruly quickly. Make sure that you schedule meal and snack times into your day of house shopping.


Give the kids any processed sugar while you're out and about looking at houses. While it may keep them quiet for a while but they're bound to get a sugar high and then later crash as a result. Bring along high-protein snacks so that their energy levels remain constant along with their moods.

Make Sure Your Children Stay Entertained and Happy


Bring along some quiet entertaining things such as books or car travel games to keep them amused while traveling between homes.


Forget about your children. If they are quiet for extended periods of time check up and make sure that they are doing okay. A shy child may be afraid to say that he is getting hungry or bored when there are other adults around.

One of the best ways to help get your kids through the day is to offer a reward once it's done. A meal at an inexpensive restaurant perhaps followed by a big bowl of ice cream will be an exciting goal that would help get them through this day and give them something to look forward to. It would be a great reward for you too as a parent!

What Makes a Neighborhood Family Friendly?

If you have a family you’re definitely going to want to look for a community that is family-friendly. Here are some of the distinguishing features are you should be looking for if you have a family or are planning on starting one soon.

A Lot Of Families In The Neighborhood

Your real estate agent can let you know the demographic population of different areas. He'll know which parts of the city have a lot of families and which ones are more suitable for seniors, couples without children and individuals. When there are a lot of other families within close proximity your children will have playmates nearby, there may be family-oriented events taking place and you can join in the local carpools.

A Nearby School

Having a school close by makes everything a lot easier when you're raising a young family. Again, your real estate agent can let you know the types of schools that are in the vicinity and whether they are within walking distance of any properties that you may be interested in.

A Community Centre

When you have a community centre offering a variety of activities for children of all ages, your kids will get to enjoy special time with their friends from the same area. Find out whether a community centre is close by and find out the types of programs it offers.

Low Crime Rate

You’ll want to live in a safe part of Calgary when you're trying to raise a young family with children. There are statistics that are readily available to potential home buyers indicating the areas where the crime rates are the lowest and highest in the city. You can check on the Calgary police website for more information about local crime rates or ask your real estate agent for more info about certain areas.

Buy a Home in a Family-Friendly Neighborhood Today

There are a lot of family-friendly communities in Calgary and certainly too many to list here. The best thing that you can do is make a list of the types of amenities you would like to have close by and then give them to your agent. This will help him isolate the best neighbourhoods to help guide you in the right direction.

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