The Perfect Halloween Night Out for the Little Ones

Posted by on Friday, June 21st, 2019 at 4:31pm.

Halloween Events in CalgaryIf you're looking for something that's designed for youngsters from 3 to 9 years of age, check out the Ghouls’ Night Out events that are running at Heritage Park. Although Halloween is a special night out for children on October 31 when they can go trick-or-treating, it can be very difficult to find events that are geared towards the youngsters at other times of the month.

Ghouls’ Night Out is the perfect place to bring your youngsters for some fun and thrills before the big event on the 31st. It's also affordable! Tickets are only $6 dollars for little ghouls that are less than 13 and $10 for the older ghouls. Children under 2 are admitted for free.

Activities at this event include the following:

  • A fortune teller
  • A gruesome feast for the ghouls
  • Halloween dance
  • Carnival creepy games
  • A tea party with the Mad Hatter
  • Craft making
  • Spooky stories at the retirement home for witches
  • Medieval entertainment
  • Broom Hilda will help with broom flying skills
  • Toy Shop of Horrors

It’s going to be a great night and all of the activities are designed to be thrilling for young children but not overly scary. Kids should really enjoy the various things happening throughout the night.

It's recommended that you wear comfortable boots or shoes since you'll be walking on different types of surfaces including a gravel road and grass. The event is taking place outside so make sure that the whole family is bundled up for the weather. Children are encouraged to get dressed up in their Halloween costumes for this fun filled night of action.

This event, presented by CAA/AMA, takes place at Historical Village in Heritage Park and offers a safe, fun night out for all members of the family. It runs from 6 PM to 9 PM starting on October 24 through to October 27 and tickets need to be purchased in advance at Be sure to bring along flashlights and your camera for a spooktacular evening that has been specifically created for young ghouls!

The City of Calgary Is Helping to Protect Trick-or-Treaters Tonight

A number of city agencies will be doing their part this Halloween to make sure that all of the ghosts and goblins traveling the streets have a safe night. Patrols will be provided by the city for this Halloween program called Partners for Safety.

There will be more than 800 cars and vehicles patrolling the streets of Calgary tonight to keep Halloween safe. Organizations that are taking part in this program include the Calgary Fire Department and AHS Emergency Medical Services.

Here are some last-minute safety tips that the city is recommending:

  • Don't use shortcuts through private property, lanes or alleys
  • All treats should be checked by an adult
  • Wear reflective clothing that's light and bright
  • Don’t crisscross the roads - trick-or-treat on one side of the street and then cross safely at an intersection
  • Don’t use masks that can restrict your vision - use makeup as an alternative
  • Children should never enter a stranger’s car or home
  • All trick-or-treaters should be carrying a flashlight

Limiting the Candy

Before heading out this evening, make sure that your children have a good supper. They'll probably want to eat some candy while they're out and about and they shouldn't be consuming large quantities of sugar on an empty stomach. By feeding your kids first you'll be helping to curb the amount of sugar they'll eat this evening. Remember too that as a parent you definitely have the right to limit the quantity of candy they can eat tonight!

For the younger children, you may want to consider separating the candy into small sandwich or snack bags to help keep the amount of candy moderated and to have it consumed in small portions. Young children will love the opportunity to re-bag their candy and will cooperate more with this moderation technique knowing that they played a part in separating the candy.

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