Why It's so Important to Rekey Your Property Quickly after a Home Purchase

Posted by on Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014 at 8:03pm

You’ve found the home of your dreams and are ready to move in. One of your first priorities should be to call in a locksmith to get new locks put on your home. While you have been handed a set of keys during the closing, you can never be sure who else has access to keys that will fit into your locks.

Most homeowners don't just have one set of keys. They have extras made just in case they lose one. As well, close friends and family members may also have a set of keys to the home. A lot of homeowners will also pass keys over to a contractor that they trust. The contractor may pass on these keys to one of his employees. All of this means that the house that you have just purchased isn't really all that secure until you change your locks.

Sometimes it can be difficult to change or replace a lock while in other cases it can be a very simple job. It really depends on whether new holes will be required in the door.

If the door lock is still sturdy, you may be able to rekey the lock versus purchasing a new one. This involves replacing the tumblers so that the old key won't work any longer. A new key will be provided that works in the new set of tumblers.

When you call a locksmith, he'll be able to let you know whether you should change your locks or whether having them rekeyed is a possibility. If it's possible to rekey the locks, it will cost you a lot less than replacing them altogether.

Although it's possible to change locks or even attempt to rekey your locks as a do-it-yourself project, it can get extremely tricky. There are some rekeying kits available on the market that you can try if you're handy.

If you end up having to change the locks, however, you may want to consider getting rekeyable locks. These locks come with a reset key along with the 2 standard keys. When the reset key is inserted, the pins in the lock are put into a standby position until they are reset with new keys supplied from the same lock manufacturer.

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